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(Mobile so I can't do crap. Wedding day drabble and shut up kiss!)


☻ A drabble of our muses on their wedding day

۵ my muse kisses yours to shut them up

At long last the day of their wedding arrived. Everyone that was invited to attend was there, the Guardians, the moonmice, even the Lunar moths were there, sitting perched on top of the decor that was lined with star-shaped lights.

The wedding was to take hold on one of Sanderson’s grand dreamships that flew above the clouds. The sun was just starting to set in the west turning the clouds golden as the stars were blinking into existence across a pinkish-blue canvas.

Sanderson stood at the altar where he stood there in his pilot’s uniform, tugging at his collar. He looked over at his best men, Bunnymund and North, who one gave a confident nod while the other gave him a thumbs up. The dreamweaver felt some relief.

The moonmice cued the music and there he was, decorated in white with a veil draped over his face, but even Sanderson could see the handsome man that hid behind it. His cheeks glowed faintly as he laid eyes on the angelic figure before him, with the baby bump too. He could see a shy smile as he held the bouquet of white and yellow roses as he approached the Star pilot.

His eyes were as bright as star but he kept it together once he took Mani’s hand. There was lots of talking from the minister Mani requested from the counsel. Sanderson asked of Jack to be the ring bearer, the frost spirit still refused to wear shoes, and he brought up the two golden bands. And then it was time to exchange vows.

Mani went first, having to clear his throat. The Lumen man was blushing madly at having the golden man just stare at him behind the veil while he spoke words of love and devotion while he put on Sanderson’s ring. Hearing Mani speak the way he did cause Sanderson to chuckle with a blush.

When it came to Sanderson’s turn, of course, for the first time he couldn’t stop talking. Despite he had professed his love for the Tsar who knows how many times but hearing Sanderson speak sweetly as he always did cause Mani to blush brighter and even tremble for a moment as he put on the golden band.

Sanderson was cut off suddenly when Mani’s lips kissed him, even from behind the veil. There was a interrupted cough from the minister. The Tsar cleared his throat, “M-My apologies.”

But the dreamweaver let out a small laugh before the minister asked the binding question, to which Sanderson unveiled Mani’s face and grinned with a sweet, “I do.”

"And do you?"

"I do." Mani said promptly before tugging Sandy’s faces in again to kiss him passionately, his newly husband returning it just as eagerly. The entire place laughed and cheered. It was a celebration to remember.