The Milky Way Over Mauna Kea

Credit & CopyrightWally Pacholka (TWAN)

Explanation: Have you ever seen the band of our Milky Way Galaxy? In a clear sky from a dark location at the right time, a faint band of light becomes visible across the sky. Soon after your eyes become dark adapted, you might spot the band for the first time. It may then become obvious. Then spectacular. One reason for a growing astonishment might be the realization that this fuzzy swath contains billions of stars and is the disk of our very own spiral galaxy. Since we are inside this disk, the band appears to encircle the Earth. Visible in the above image, high above in the night sky, the band of the Milky Way Galaxy arcs. The bright spot just below the band is the planet Jupiter. In the foreground lies the moonlit caldera of the volcano Haleakala, located on the island of Maui in Hawaii, USA. A close look near the horizon will reveal light clouds and the dark but enormous Mauna Kea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you have never seen the Milky Way band or recognized the planet Jupiter, this year may be your chance. Because 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, an opportunity to look through a window that peers deep into the universe may be coming to a location near you.

What a curious question. Well, I enjoy moonlit nights, taking long walks on the beach, knitting and unicorns. In fact, I once took a seaside stroll, on a moonlit night, and discovered a unicorn… which I proceeded to stab in the throat with a crochet needle. I’m a woman of refined, yet simple tastes.
—  Gabriella, Dark Brotherhood assassin

Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars.” Shirly sang to herself as she walked under the moonlit night. She’d decided to take a walk from her illustrious mansion, having felt like she’d been held up inside enough. Most people didn’t understand how she owned the property and had such wealth, a lot of people assuming she’d been orphaned and acquired an inheritance, though little did they know she’d earned it all over the past half millennium.  “Hmm, hmmm…” The blonde hummed, but suddenly she stopped in her tracks. “Who’s there?” She asked lowly.

dear fanfic writer,

having Al remove Ed’s prosthetics as a ‘punishment’ is not cute. it’s creepy, and ableist, and abusive, and just horrific overall. Ed needs those. They are also connected to his nerves. Taking away someone’s mobility aid over an argument is like one of the WORST THINGS YOU COULD POSSIBLE DO. Al would never.



Note that I don’t mean some sort of gross embarrassing thing like the Mishapocalypse scandal from a few years back

I literally mean just everyone changing their avatars to Eve Moonlit for the day and that’s that. Simple, harmless, and not nearly as embarrassing as that.