Places like this restore my faith in fairies.

“Where is Fairyland? Here, there … Somewhere … It is just around the corner, under a rose-bush, in a hallow tree; deep in the moonlit forest, veiled by the morning mist that hangs over the meadow - fairies inhabit another dimension, but it is not so far from our own. In fact, it is very close. Their world interpenetrates ours, but because it vibrates at a different frequency, it is glimpsed only at certain times and places, by the fortunate and gifted." 

A quote from my lovely fairy book that I purchased from a cute market in Cornwall. It’s The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey. A must have for anyone who loves to indulge in a little fantasy.


‘The Order: White Flowers’ fan soundtrack. Listen here.

‘Omen’ - Bloodborne OST, Ryan Amon
‘Opening’ - Far from the Madding Crowd OST, Craig Armstrong
‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’ - And Winter Came, Enya
‘Adam Lay Ibounden’ - Salva Nos, Mediaeval Baebes
‘Beyond the Stage’ - Anna Karenina OST, Dario Marianelli
‘Dribbles of Brandy’ - Far from the Madding Crowd OST, The Eliza Carthy Band & Saul Rose
‘Moonlit Melody’ - Bloodborne OST, Ryan Amon
‘Kitty’s Debut’ - Anna Karenina OST, Dario Marianelli
‘O Magnum Mysterium’ - O Magnum Mysterium and Other Choral Cycles, Nicol Matt & Chamber Choir of Europe
‘White Skin Like the Moon’ - Jane Eyre OST, Dario Marianelli
‘Jenny Lind Polka’ - Far from the Madding Crowd OST, The Eliza Carthy Band & Saul Rose
‘Reminiscence’ - The Chopin Project, Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott

motherfreakingassassinofblack asked:

It was nighttime, and Jack was freely roaming the streets. It was natural to her to do so. During life, she tended to sleep during the day. Plus, she didn't like the clothes she was summoned in - if one could even call her outfit "clothes", so she didn't want people to see her and stare. She searched for no one and nothing, and she was so used to loneliness she didn't even realize that she felt lonely. But maybe, if she did see someone, she'd kill them and eat their soul to become stronger.

Medusa walked through the dark night. She usually wouldn’t be up at this time, but she had been restless lately. Perhaps it was her nature to not speak her mind that was keeping her up. Or maybe she was subconsciously hunting for blood. Either way, she walked along the moonlit city, not particularly caring where she ended up. The crisp air invigorated her lungs, her breath lightly illuminated as she breathed out.

Ahead of her, she spotted a figure, one she had seen before. Jackie? She hesitated for a second, originally planning on calling out to the girl. But she was different, Medusa could sense her presence much more than their first meeting, meaning she got a master. Though, Rider could tell she wasn’t at her peak. Perhaps the master was sharing their mana between Jackie and another servant? She stood for a second, before finally calling out. She decided that, if worse came to worse, she could always run away should Jackie go after her life. “Oh, Jackie, already roaming the streets I see.” She said this is as she started walking again.

The Demons Whispers

Robbie awoke in a cold sweat with a sharp gasp barely able to catch his breath,He looked around the moonlit bedroom briefly confused. He had forgotten he had spent the night at Lee’s house. He felt the surge of panic and fear from his nightmare die down at the reassurance Lee was right next to him. Robbie gazed at Lee in silence a moment,the moonlight glimmered across his long golden hair and cast sensual shadows across the sinews of his muscular arms and back.

 Robbie felt a shudder run through him as the memories from the nightmare drifted back like some vengeful phantom. He gently nudged Lee and muttered his name until the spirited lovable blonde sleepily sat up and yawned before running his fingers through Robbie’s messy onyx hair. “Hey babe whats up? you ok dude?" 

Robbie shook his head in response and engulfed Lee in a tight embrace and nuzzled into the blonde male for comfort. "No man I’m not…dude don’t laugh or rag on me but I had a was so bad I couldn’t even describe was so bad Lee..I was ..I was being killed..I was being hacked apart by that Pines kid.” Lee listened quietly and gently caressed his sweat dampened back as Robbie continued. 

His eyes where running with fearful tears as he became more upset as he went along. “His eyes where like and gold and evil looking and he just wouldn’t stop hacking me up and he had your head there on the ground and-Robbie’s frantic words where cut off when Lee gave him a firm but reassuring kiss on the lips. 

He broke away and whispered into Robbie’s ear,"Hey look baby no more of that shit okay? That’s never gonna happen. I promise you…Look I know there is something up with that kid..I know something is going on and its gonna level this town…I hear things too you know..That’s why your coming away to Portland with me,if we have to we will go to Seattle. I swear Robbie I won’t let that little freak touch was just a nightmare." 

Lee broke away from Robbie a moment and went to his dresser. He opened the top drawer and pulled out an A-60 semi-automatic pistol and clicked the safety on. Robbie sat silently as he watched the cold metal of the gun shine in the icy moonlight. "Some insurance babe.. the woods are full of monsters now..a gates been opened. That family has unleashed Hell on this town..and if that kid does actually come near you I swear to God all-fucking mighty Robbie…no one,no monster or creature is taking you from me.." 

Robbie wanted to feel reassured but his thoughts went back to the dream demon. The golden eyed Devil that whispered abominations and horrors into his ears sometimes. Robbie stood up and walked over to Lee,trailing the blankets and bed sheets behind him. "What about…Him….the demon…that thing that hangs out with the Pines brat?" 

 Lee smiled and reached into a small box on the dressed. He handed Robbie a small black cross made of onyx and inscribed with tiny latin phrases. "Wear this dude,I got one too. Demons can’t touch you,posses you or even come within one hundred yards of you. No joke babe these work I promise.” Robbie felt himself calm down a little more and he rested his head against Lee’s warm bare chest and listened to his heart beat. “When do you wanna go?” Robbie asked softly. 

Lee smiled and stroked his back and replied gently,“Tomorrow when its daylight. Its not safe traveling the roads at night. We gotta pack up your van and get out of here before noon and drive like hell to Portland. I know a guy there with this really beautiful old Victorian house. He’s chill as hell and knows enough about whats going on he can help us escape Portland if it spreads.” Robbie nodded and smiled faintly as he lost himself in Lee’s warm embrace.

 It seemed as though finally for now the nightmare was soon to be over. He thought about Wendy and poor Mabel but realized they where in little danger. It was he who had to most to fear from the demon and his little minion. Tomorrow the journey for their lives sake would begin. 

Outside in the darkness of the forest there crept untold horrors in the shadows and demons danced in the glimmers of haunted moonlight. The gate was open and for a once sleepy northwestern town a most dreadful end was coming soon.