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What advice do you have for grieving villain.

Scream loudly in moonlit glades and sink to your knees. The roar generally helps the opening of emotion.

Remember the wonderful times. Do not discount the terrible, but focus on the wonder and amazing emotion and experiences that built up such a heart that would cause such a grieve.

Separate out poisonous self pity from useful grieving. There is no science to this sorting, it will be upon you to know which is which. Good luck to you, and I am sorry for your loss.

- atticus


She knows all the dark places of the world and revels in them. She is the flicker at the corner of your eye, the shadow in the brush. She is the quiet lap of water during a moonlit swim, the soft rattle of leaves during an autumn night, the creak of a door opening out into the night. She tames ghosts and demons and walks with black dogs in the in-between places, the alleys and the crossroads, the walls and open doorways. When you whisper your secrets to yourself alone in your room at midnight, it is she who listens. (ladymarionmacbeth)

“At around 1:30 a.m., we awoke to the sound of a breath-stealing explosion, I scrambled to the camera just in time to capture a moonlit and lava-covered Fuego as it put on this beautiful display of activity and power.” - Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala - Photo by Andrew Shepard

I had plans to work on Gates of Summer tonight but then TLS came calling and I can’t resist the siren call of the First Eliza: 

What new tales shall we tell of the witch? 

Shall we tell of how she bound her hair with seven enchanted pins of jet, a gift from the first of her teachers? Or shall we tell how she killed three men with one blow, the day before she turned sixteen?

Would you know of the men she loved, how through them she tamed earth and sky, and bent them to her will? Shall we tell you of blood and dancing barefoot on moonlit stone, or of how dead birds once more flew and sang when she passed? 

Others have already told these tales. They are all true. 

Let us tell you the rest. We will tell you everything. 


We will tell you, here, now, how she almost lived. 

“At around 1:30 a.m., we awoke to the sound of a breath-stealing explosion, I scrambled to the camera just in time to capture a moonlit and lava-covered Fuego as it put on this beautiful display of activity and power.” - Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala 

Photo by Andrew Shepard

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I don't feel pretty enough for him. why can't I get his attention? he's so great and his blue eyes captivate me and I'm just so upset because he's so beautiful but I'm not and I can't get over him and I miss him and I think I love him and it's so hard

Baby girl, why don’t you feel “pretty enough” for him? You shouldn’t be the one putting negative thoughts within your precious emerald mind, when you could be replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and you don’t need to be “pretty enough” for a guy who won’t appreciate you for the beauty YOU ALREADY HAVE! If he isn’t paying attention to the way your eyes twinkle in the moonlit sky with the stars appraising your heavenly, gorgeous and ravishing skin that glows with delight, baby girl your god damn beautiful skin puts the entire galaxy to shame. 

So what if he’s “beautiful”? You’re the embodiment of an angelic form, you were descended from the heavens to bless peoples lives with your marvellous life just by simply breathing and existing, not to put yourself down and you’re so fucking much more than what you seem to be because you’re so used to you features. But repeat to yourself how you’re beautiful, over and over again until you believe it and feel confident enough that everyone in the entire world will see your true beauty gleaming from within.

Being in-love is a beautiful thing but unrequited love is something that’s literally drenched in sorrow and a shit load of depressing amounts of rejection within your mind. No, but baby girl listen to me? I’m still recovering from a guy who had shot me in the heart several times but I’m still coping, thinking of what lies ahead of me but also how there’s so much more to life than some asshole who cannot see the true beauty that lies infront of him, it’s at the very tip of his fingers and you’re slipping through his fingers like butter. Be glad you dodged several bullets to the heart, couple knife stabbing you in the back and several punches to the throat.

You miss him, yeah? That’s another thing that hurts us to the point where we want to stop this pain, but pain does indeed demand to be felt but it’s also an irritating thing too because some days you end up feeling numb? It’s a never-ending cycle, but I assure you that this is absolutely okay. You’re okay. You’re doing fine because you’ve come along way, you’ve still got days, weeks and even months ahead of you to turn your life around and put yourself first. Your entire existence doesn’t merely have to be the definition of him. You were born to grow, to explore, to be devoured in your little world of self-love and be filled with never ending happiness.

I swear, I do swear to fucking god that you will get through this. You will be stronger, dominant and more superior than ever. You’re going to look back, and you’re going to be so thankful that you allowed yourself to  grow in time to let yourself also heal, because I pinky promise you that you’re going to think back and be so fucking glad that you conquered your own feelings, you got over him, you moved on, you’re later then dancing in the sunlight that’s shining upon you, showering you with it’s eternal sunrays of happiness and you’re going to be feeling so ethereal and celestial to the point you’re going to be on top of the mother-fucking world.