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Remade - Ch 2

AUTHOR: thecellistofportland
GENRE: Adventure/Angst/Romance
FIC SUMMARY: Reader/OFC discovers what it means to be remade, after a rough encounter with His Royal Highness, Prince Loki of Asgard. Through tribulations and delights of the Realm Eternal, one learns that, while it’s all good and fun, when you play with the god of mischief, you might get burnt.
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: This chapter references parental emotional abuse.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Feedback is super important! I love to hear comments. An apology also for how long it took to post this, but, you know…school. Thanks ahead of time for reading!

You woke to find the man cradling you while trying to pry your eyes open. You were no longer in the storage unit, but instead under a dark, but moonlit, open sky, with gravel digging into the underside of your legs. It was noticeably warmer as well, and you couldn’t help but wonder where you had been taken and also why. Had you been kidnapped by some psychopath? Was this man going to steal your organs and that would be the end of you? Where you to die alone in some- what even was this place? A desert? You screamed as hard as you could with a final success.  The man dropped you, knocking the air out of your lungs, and leapt back. Everything hurt as you grappled to get to your feet and shed your suffocating coat in the warmer air.

You could see him more clearly now without the back light of the parking lot lights. He had combed back black hair and gaunt features. His outfit, the most bizarre part of him, was a conglomeration of leather, cloth, and metal, combined with great complexity. The oddest garment of the whole ensemble, the green cape that rested on his shoulders, flowed all the way to the ground. He looked like a confused vigilante who also happened to be slightly attractive. Slightly.

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      the girl can be seen
      sitting amongst an assimilation of
      moonlit flowers. her head is bowed
      down as if she is in deep

      soft humming radiates around the area.