moongirls20 said:

I notice that whenever someone(like you) brings up a very good critique about Skullgirls, Skullgirls fans like to overreact and say that you're "Spreading hate on the tag or why are you making it a big deal now" thing. why can't they see that when you add so MUCH references and or memes doesn't make the game. I don't mind a little reference here and there, but making it that its still Skullgirls and not Reference and meme girls. just my two cents.

I feel like Skullgirls, from the memes and references to the core design, is unbelievably derivative.

moongirls20 said: I was hoping Wreck it Ralph or Paranorman would have won. Also Brave won because it was Pixar. I so done right now.

Yeah I’m still wondering how the hell the jury decides which movies are gonna win, i mean do they actually WATCH them? Brave was visually stunning, that’s true (not like WiR and Paranorman weren’t as well, but come on I mean STOP-FUCKING-MOTIOn no computer animated feature is gonna beat the magnificence of Stop motion), but on storytelling WiR and Paranorman were waaaaaaaay ahead than Brave

moongirls20 said: oh dear. Best wishes to her and the family.

mechanic-coyote said: hey bree babby i uh also just recently dealt with losing my gramma and. if you need someone to vent to at all, i got you. i understand.

thank you both so much ;; ♥ the thoughts and well wishes mean a lot. they’re going to transfer her to a different hospital and run some tests to check for blockage, and they’re going to go from there. this is one big nightmare and i just want her to be alright.


So I drew my baby dragon that I bought today. I love its color skin and this is the first time I drew a dragon.

Not bad for the first time, even though some parts I messed up on because some of the portraits of the dragons are hard to make out and I had to make up like the wings. 

I have been soo busy. That I haven’t even had time to post things. This is a teaser for Moongirls20. Who has been waiting patiently for her part of the art trade. The colored version of this ( and the other drawings I’m throwing In for her ) are already done, but I need to find some time! Hope you like this and it gets you excited girly!

Hello everyone! I am open for commissions!

What I will draw:

Original Characters (both males and females)

Some fanart


What I will NOT draw:





Fetish art

Furries (sorry)

If you have any questions, feel free to message me at any of the contacts I left in the information.

Also you can send or link me (if its OC(s)) you’re character(s) reference 

My paypal is:

I hope to do commissions with you! If you can’t, feel free to Signal Boost s this for others to see. Thank you.