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When I moved to Kodiak, Alaska in May of 1980, I wasn’t there a day when I called my dad (the “photo-bug” of the family) and told him to send me a camera, any camera, and send it quick. The camera was from a camera company I’d never heard of before or since (Bessler), but more importantly I was well on my way into the wonderful world of photography. Astronomy has always been another “love of my life”, and I think it shows in a lot of the composite photos shown here.

planets in the 1st house & your appearance

moon- feminine, round face
mercury- young andd lively
venus- pretty!!
mars- masculine
jupiter- enlarges your face
saturn- jaw line
uranus- makes you tall
neptune- ethereal look
pluto- lots of make overs. change!

(how to find what’s in your first house: http://zodiac—

Holy fucksticks, this literally killed me. I’m dead and gone. Fuck. My hand hurts, my back hurts, my face hurts. 

I’m both simultaneously hating it and loving it. It’s just so different to what I normally do that I can’t help but be pleased (challenging myself, yo! PUSHING BOUNDARIES), but also her face is super creepy and there are lots of niggly things wrong. Not bad, though, considering I had pretty much no idea what was going on the whole time. I think I’ll leave it a while before I attempt another one of these lineless drawings…

Progress shots here!

planets in the 1st house & your family

sun- you understand your role & you need everyone to be happy 
moon- you have strong empathy for your mother’s sadness, you act moody
mercury- you were quick to avoid conflict 
venus- you want to be loved so you act charming and beautiful
mars- your family tried to dominate you so you tried your best to tame them
jupiter- you may have felt left out so you tried to express yourself more to appear confident
saturn- you had someone silence you
uranus- you found out that humor and originality made your family happy so you developed that in you
neptune- your parents guilt was projected onto you. you tried to heal them or hurt them even more
pluto- you felt lost in a crazy family so you had to learn how to control things

(how to find what’s in your first house: http://zodiac—

- I always want you when I’m coming down -

Pisces Sun & Aquarius Moon Confession

I’m a living paradox. I get tired of living pretty easily, my pessimistic nature comes out and there isn’t pretty much to do about it. My life is about trying to balance myself out or I’ll die from desperation and stress. I feel like everything is too overwhelming, that I care too much, still, I just kinda don’t. My logical and humanitarian outlook keeps me from being positive because I feel like it’s a betrayal of my realistic nature. I try. I try, I try.

Sagittarius Sun & Taurus Moon Confession

I always feel so conflicted inside. My two signs are almost complete opposite. And I feel it in my heart on a daily basis. A whole part of me says screw it, it’s your life run for everything it’s gonna give to you. And the other part of me is terrified that any kind of change will ruin me and everything around me. I’m terrified of how vividly I feel things too.