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Some new new. #moombahton #experimental #edm #partylife #spdet #moombaplus

Many words, thoughts and emotions (both positive and negative) regarding the Dave Nada-created moombahton sound have been brought to the table in 2013. As the sound enters its fourth year in existence, moombahton has evolved from being Washington, DC’s pride and joy to a global phenomenon. Futhermore, creator Nada has arguably grown as well. The past twelve months have seen the producer touring more frequently than ever before, and as well, get married to fellow DJ and producer Jen Lasher. Somehow, in the midst of a wild and oftentimes tumultuous year, Nada (and by extension, moombahton) has persevered, remained positive and is arguably emerged better from the experience. I had the chance to catch up with Dave and ask a few questions regarding developments in his personal life, in moombahton, and in music overall. As always, Dave is candid, aware and keeping an eye on pushing not just moombahton, but all music, ahead.

When the label you keep putting releases out on repeatedly gets mentioned as innovators of the music and a part of the ever pushing forward part of moombahton, it’s really easy to be happy. When I was doing nothing but house stuff, this type of shit was just not even a possibility. I fell for this shit a few years ago but it took me forever to be able to just get to the point where I had to “go for it”. I was behind the scenes for a long time. I learned shit every single day being around some of the best the underground detroit locals for a decade now. This style might not be what it is anywhere else because Detroit is such a heavy House and Techno city that it’s hard to be a 4 year old genre when you’re fucking with shit that is older than you. Make sense? So even though I don’t see a big return here for the stuff I am doing I know that I am actually putting stuff out for those outside of my own area. I’m sure there’s dudes in Chicago who feel the same way. 

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Suicide Machines remix for Punk Goes Moombahton 2 is almost done. #punkgoesmoombahton #moombaplus #suicidemachines #detroitweirdos

My Mix for the @moombaplus Mix of the Month. Check it! 64 Minutes of some of my favorite tunes in the 110 realm.

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Track Listing:
Jamrock - Champagne
Goapele - Play (Remix ft. Los Rakas) (Beset’s Moombahsoul Blend)
Jai Cletz - Sansoul
DJ Theory and J-Boogie - Take Your Time
Aaliyah - Try Again (Pete Cave Bootleg)
Apt One - Yin Yang
Chaka Khan and Rufus - Ain’t Nobody (SherBurt Remix)
Breach - Jack (Marshall Applewhite Remix)
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Skrubz Remix)
Ryan Hemsworth - (。◕‿◕。) (or, I Want To Stare At Your Face Until I Die)
Heartbreak - Love & Hate
Poolside - Why You Wanna (PotemTole Remix)
Jamrock - Nuttin but a G Strang
Stas - Tumalon
Professor Angel Sound - Inside Job (Melo x Sabo Remix)
BLVCKOUT - Time Will Tell
Amir Hussain - Got Moomba
Ocean Freq - Morning Boogie
3 Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (SherBurt Remix)
Wolf Saga - Reign At Night (Guy Bombardo Remix)
Bro Safari & UFO! - Tracers
Noisia & Phace - Program [F3RAL Remix]
Ckrono & Slesh - Voodoo Shake
Richelle - Bendin (LeDoom Remix)
Tigorilla - Panther
Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Joop van der Stap Bootleg)

Chris Smith is SherBurt (Reynolds), Silvers, Jesuszilla, Doombringer, CS7, and Bearzilla. Each project is specific to certain genres in the underground dance music community. Shapeshifting from one world to another there seems to be no end in site for him. Aside from production work, Chris is an A&R Manager for Dubstep King Qarrell’s label One For All Records. He is also sponsored by Party Life Clothing, an Official Artist on Moombahton Giants Moomba+ and is the Owner, Business Manager, and Co-Photographer for Detroit’s Drunk Bunny Industries with hopes of venturing into Record Label Ownership in 2014. Chris has also just been brought on to be a writer and editor for the new website.

His music has been blogged on:

Releases alongside: OktoRed, Champion Rocka, Marshall Applewhite, LocoMotive, antae, The Kid Vicious, PotemTole, Rella, Kapo, Beatanga, Stas, Burn the Disco, Happy Colors and more.

With big ups from: OktoRed, DJ Psycho, Jamrock, The Deaken, Jamestown Thieves, Sister Crayon, MC Yoda, Static Brothers, Qarrell, Champion Rocka, Deejay Kudos, Rhythm Hustler and more.

2014 upcoming collabs with: OktoRed/Cocky Balboa, Static Brothers, Matt Bruce ex-Common Enemy/Aggro or Die, Qarrell, The Deaken, Rhythm Hustler, Mike Hopper of Bat on Fire, Joshua Badura of Sister Crayon and hopefully more!

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So I started this tune yesterday. Sampled one of my favorites the MC5 in defense of weirdness against those high society types. #moombahton #SherBurt #partylife #spdet #moombaplus