hey guys, so my boyfriend is an aspiring producer. He posted this song a while ago but didnt really know how to get himself out there and was afraid that people wouldnt like it. He is very talented and though this song is one of his first i really would like him to see what a bright future he has in music if he pursued this dream. It would REALLY mean alot to him if you guys could give this some of your time and attention (he has no idea im doing this) so if you all could PLEASE get this song some notes i would be so so grateful. You have no idea how much it would mean to him to see people support him! please reblog :) also, if you follow the link through to the soundcloud and like the song and message me that you did i will promo you

Que Passa Amigo x Tropkillaz
Baile Esta Cumbia (Boyfriends & DJ Chop-E Texas Tag Team Twerk Remix) x Selena
Mala Cuestión (Colin Domigan Remix) x Blingyeras
This Charming Man (Redder [X] remix) x The Smiths
Loca (Rico South Moombahton Bootleg) x Shakira
La Luna No Quiere Salir (Rod Franco More Cumbia Vibes remix) x El Salto Del Tigre
Pendejas x Tittsworth & Alvin Risk
Duro x Noizekid
Loquito (Moombah Kingz Remix) x Armando Hernandez
Prendelo x Ricky Vaughn
La Negra Tiene Tumbao (LocoMotive Moombah Remix) x Celia Cruz
Quieren Cumbia (2014 Version) x Cepillo Cuevas
MUEVETE x Cafe Con Leche
Dios Mio (Pinche Twerking) x Wost
Me Gusta x Milo & Otis
Dale Que Tu Puede x Cortez Syndicate
Loco (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix) x Joel Fletcher & Seany B
Tu Si Grita (banginclude’s Dominican Club Bootleg) x
La Vida Es Un Carnaval [i.V.’s Festival Trap Remix] x Celia Cruz
Suavemente (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix) x Elvis Crespo
El Tigeraso x Maluca
Techno Cumbia (LocoMotive Remix) x Selena


Moomba Festival 2014

The Moomba festival has entrenched itself in Melbourne city’s culture since 1955 and is Australia’s biggest free community festival. The festival offers the local community an opportunity to unwind and enjoy themselves. They are able to do this with the; fairground setting, soulful live music, fireworks, comfort food and even waterskiing!

Wandering around the festival grounds (on Saturday 9/3) I was captivated by the energy and life that surrounded me. There was not one sad face around the place.  As the sun set on the city,the attractions glowed. The fairground games had everyone weighing up whether they could win one of the massive cuddly toys that were on offer. Of course I did not win anything! The live music on offer had the crowds bopping , even forcing some brandish a casual air guitar. 

Moomba Festival save the best until last. As soon as the clock chimes 9:30pm the nights sky explodes into a fanfare of colour and sparks. Both sides of Melbourne’s Yarra River lit up in synchronised bursts of fire that stained the sky. People were leaping off trams and hanging themselves over Victoria bridge to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. After the last bang sounded, the crowds erupted into applause.

Moomba is just another example of why Melbourne is #1 liveable city in the world. 

Happy Friday! Your work week is slowly melting away as you slip into a tasty adult beverage. I’m starting something new this week, from Electro-House to Afterhours this playlist has you covered. A selection of (slightly) not-so-heavy party tunes to get your feet tapping and your mind into party mode. So stream this from your phone, your computer, or wherever you get your music fix. Whatever you do, get listening, and get ready for a night of partying.

I’ll be back again on Sunday to give you round #16 of On The House, until then - enjoy your Friday!