"The retirement of the Women’s Championship breaks my heart. The nostalgia and the legacy built off the backs of every woman who paved the way for women like me. Who gave it credibility, honor,  prestige and truth! For every woman who’s carried the championship through the generations, who know the power and history you feel in holding it high above your head. That can never be replaced by anything in my mind, in my heart. I am truly honored and forever grateful to be among the women who have graced it’s presence.”  - Mickie James


Commission time!

I truly deeply need money as an unemployed out of College artist. Money is really an issue these days, but I won’t bother you with the details.

What I will bother YOU with is the details of the commissions! For a piece more of less like this, the starter price is a 100$ flat! If you want many details, extra characters/animals/creatures and a very complex background, it’ll be more. We’ll discuss that over email. Also, add an extra 5 dollars if you want a big size resolution of the finished drawing. Do NOT send me asks or PMs here, tumblr is very sketchy about what’s delivered and what’s not. So instead, email me at

All payments are made via paypal and you’ll take your end of the paypal fees.

Every reblog, like (or commission) is DEEPLY appreciated! I’m pretty much willing to try my hands on everything from furries to yaoi and everything in between (included fan art.)

Thanks for your time <3

I’ll keep 5 slots open for now: