Moog sound lab.

Described by the press as “alien” and like “a fox let loose in a chicken shack,” the sounds of the Moog synthesizer filled MoMA’s Sculpture Garden during the final event of the 1969 Jazz in the Garden concert series.  

[View of the concert performed by Robert Moog and the Moog Synthesizer, part of the Jazz in the Garden series, The Museum of Modern Art, August 28, 1969. Photographer: Peter Moore. Photographic Archive. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York]


Anthony Stramaglia brought along a Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (or CMI).  Keep in mind that these are very hard to find in as complete condition as the one seen here. 

But then it gets better: this is Fairlight CMI serial number 25, formerly owned by the legendary Robert Moog.  I will say that again, this was Dr. Robert Moog’s Fairlight CMI.

It sounded amazing – and the sound was so dynamic.  The amount of configurations that this machine was capable of was astounding!  Throughout the weekend, various classic synth tunes could be heard belted out across the floor, and they sounded even more wonderful in person than on recordings.  It was a thing of beauty to behold for both the eyes and the ears.  The one that is stuck in my head was a rendition of Subdivisions by Rush