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Send a 'ʘ‿ʘ' if your muse finds my muse attractive.

        smile graces auror’s lips as he pulls augustus close, drawing him into shadows behind staircase where none can see them and draws the other into a kiss. he knows he shouldn’t, he knows the risk of getting caught is too great and the stigma against homosexuality is still heavy, especially after the ratification of the matrimonial causes act. but he can’t just not kiss him after augustus spent the last ten minutes oogling his ass.

       ❛   see, thare’s this lil thing called jailbait. sorry doll, but yer too young 
                               fer meh. I dun’t much fancy ‘avin ta arrest m’self.   


Two Guys Bow Ties is a collaboration Adam T and Tim P. They set out to make unique hand crafted wooden bowties. Through many different ideas and experiences they discovered they made a great team. Adam’s work ethic and business mind keeps Tim’s creativity and eye for detail on track ensuring they are able to bring the highest quality, hand crafted bow ties to market.

Adam T is a family man with a loving wife and two kids. When he is not making hand made wooden bow ties he loves playing with his son Jackson and rock climbing with his wife Stacy.

Tim is a chronic tinker and maker. Most of his time is spent in his live/work studio space in downtown Tulsa honing his craft and experimenting with new materials and techiniques. He works closely and often collaborates with his wife, Interior Designer, Kara.

The bowties offer limitless oppurtunities for them to explore and develop new design and finishing techniques. While the styles will evolve and change constantly, the quality and finish work won’t. Check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on our latest creations.