It was Daddy Donut Day at Phia’s school today. She made me a tie and drew a picture of us together. It was so fun to sit with her (and some friends) to eat a Donut,. Then she showed me how they do “work” and we built a tower and village with blocks. She did NOT want me to leave, of course, but I eventually manged to get away with some help from Ms. Candice and promises that I’d be back soon to pick her up.


Birthday homeschool! We did a celebration of life activity where she walked around the sun holding the Earth. Each full circle she made, I showed her a picture of her at that point in time. She was so amazed that the Earth circled 4 times since she was born. We then read “Only One You” as I thought it was appropriate for this special day!

It is snowing…which means we can’t go out to our local bakery like we do every Saturday. So, we are baking at home.

Every time we do an activity together in the kitchen it reminds me how small tasks can create an enormous amount of pride for my daughter. She helped measure, count, stir, and was completely in charge of the cupcake liners.

This is the most important teaching I will ever do.


Homeschool is still going wonderfully! She actually started crying on Saturday because she realized we hadn’t had school all day. She is picking up concepts quickly and enjoys perfecting things before moving on.

I love everything I’ve learned about the Montessori method. And although I’m struggling with keeping the house neat and a more peaceful environment Milo can thrive in, I see the benefits immediately when we put in the extra effort. I loved this article when I read it a few months ago and I’m glad I’m reading through this blog again now that Milo is 18 months.

It’s often frustrating to tell a toddler not to do something and have them almost immediately and seemingly defiantly do it. I had to deal with this tonight with Milo throwing his food off his plate. It’s so frustrating and I want to punish him but he doesn’t have words to tell me he doesn’t want the food so this is how he expresses himself. He also is completely driven by impulse. Maria Montessori describes the stages of obedience and they really make sense and I see them in Milo. Working on natural consequences and redirection with Milo all the time and reminding myself how old he is when I’m at my whits end haha. Hope some of you enjoy the article as well! This is a great montessori blog for anyone interested in it!