theme V: mtns

by jordyn/jhxythemes/impingement

preview // code

wow!!! a non-latin name!!!
codrops had a big influence on this bud here

  • title and description appear when  you hover the sidebar image
  • very cool hover over photo  info that gave me much heartache
  • hover over the pagi and it slides around and stuff
  • links appear on the opposite when you hover the link icon
  • two column grid theme
  • sorry it doesnt work with inf scroll yet
  • i used url inputs rather than the tumblr image uploader cause i find them to be unreliable and also you often cant see the picture in the customize window
  • here be thing: this theme was designed for photo blogs. i will add support for video, quotes, chat, and audio posts if you ask for it, but it’s not already in the codes above
  • webkit scrollbar
  • customizable colours, linkies, most things really

 general theme rules, blah blah, have a great day bbs