I was approached by a client to create creatures for his campaign. It is a beautifully dark and “lovecraftian” storyline. Here is a brief synopsis as told by its creator Nicholas P :

"One of the standard "evil cult takes over the world" sorts of storylines-
they manage to capture the physical aspect of the world’s sun goddess, and
infect her with some sort of affliction in order to bring back the closest
approximation of some old, long-forgotten evil god.  Very Lovecraftian, I’m
going for tentacles, slime, and disease everywhere.
The part of the story where I’ve got the two creatures I need designs for
takes place after the adventurers realize that the goddess actually had a
sun and a moon aspect (twin sisters, essentially)- the sun aspect was
corrupted, but the moon aspect has been locked up and the cult is draining
her of blood and magic for more nefarious purposes.  They will have summoned
some sort of abomination, and are feeding it her blood.  In return, it lays
thousands of eggs that hatch into some sort of worm-like parasite.  Pulling
some influence from the Alien movies, the parasites infect someone, kill
them, and then mutate their bodies into some sort of horrific drone that
then serves the cultists.”

What you have here is the Queen the Drone and the larva.
(Larva’s are parasitic and infect human hosts turning them into the drone.)
You can learn more about each on my DA page.