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To make up for skipping a page, I’m posting this new illustration in its place!

This is an 11x17 print that I’ll have available at TCAF this year along with Monsterkind Book One and other goodies. I’ll also be selling this print at SwarmCon next weekend (April 25th-26th)!

This print will also be available for purcahse in the Hivemill store very soon! I’ll make an announcement when it goes up.

The Monsterkind cast meets hipster flower crowns. Most are happy about it. The others just accept their roles.

Introducing Monsterkind’s first ever OFFICIAL PRINT. Whoa!! This print will make its debut at Anime Weekend Atlanta this year. There will be a large print and poster version. I will most likely be adding it to the online shop after the convention, so be excited! I know I am.

Hope you guys dig!

Characters are from my comic Monsterkind!

You’ve probably noticed updates have been a little rocky these past few weeks! That’s due to many things and me doing one hell of a balancing act at the same time. The good news is all the things I’m currently working on are positives.

This print will be available at Anime Weekend Atlanta- which is my last con of the year. We’re still waiting on a seating chart for that, but when it’s up I’ll make a little map so you can be sure to find me!

I’m working on today’s page right now, but it will most likely be up sometime tomorrow due to me having to leave in about an hour to travel. Look forward to it!

I wanted to try and test out my digital painting skills while also making something simplistic. I think it worked out pretty well.

This is the second Monsterkind print that will be featured at AWA. Unsurprisingly, the prints for my comic turned out to be very colorful.

I’ll be selling poster size prints of this one. Come and see me at the con and pick one up!

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Home furnishing tips: Just throw a bunch of papers on the ground

In case you haven’t heard, I will be tabling at SwarmCon this weekend with my lovely comics counterpart and super talented boyfriend Zack Morrison. We’ll have all kinds of merch for our comics including shirts, buttons, prints, mini comics, and more! Come find us if you’re attending!

The picnic print I posted on Friday is now available for online purchase in the Hivemill store! This is the first time this print is available anywhere, so pick one up if you like! I’ll also have the print with me at conventions, so you can always get one in person if you so choose.

Thanks for reading!

Monsterkind Buttons: 2013 Edition

I can’t believe I never posted these!

I made some new Monsterkind buttons this year for AWA, and onwards. Here are all the designs! Theres: Wallace, Kip, Molly, Roy, Eno, Ben, Kate, Henry, Monster!Taylor, and the special “Hug a Hipster” bonus button.

These will be available in my shop soon! Also keep your eyes open for some special holiday bundles like last year!

Hope you dig!


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Today is a very special update day as I am happy to announce that the Monsterkind Online Shop is now live!

At this time the shop is US only but will be internationally friendly very soon. There will be more products in the future when I can afford to make more as well.

Thank you to everyone who dropped requests or came out to the doodle stream the other day. I had an extremely fun time getting to hang out with everyone. It was very relaxing and fun.

The prologue is finally wrapping up! Hope you guys are as excited as I am! 


So, if I’m being 100% realistic with myself, there’s no way I can get today’s page of Monsterkind done before Sunday (long shifts at work, life priorities, etc, etc, etc.)

Instead, I’ll be featuring work I’m doing on prints all weekend to make up for it! Some of them are Monsterkind related, and some are fanart-related, but I’ll be posting up a bunch of stuff. This is a preview to a big poster print I’m currently working on!

I’ve been focusing a lot of time into putting together some really nice stuff for Anime Weekend Atlanta at the end of this month, and some of this stuff will be featured in my shop as well, so I hope you guys will think it’s worth the wait once you see all the stuff I have going!

I remember…buuusssinessss….

So guess who got all of her prints finalized and ordered today? That’s right. This gal right here- and all before hacking away at a ten hour shift at work too!

This is my AWA 2013 biz card for this year! I will be featuring 6 different and new prints this year. I have three Monsterkind prints, two Attack on Titan prints, and one Hannibal print. There will be several buttons, stickers, and charms as well. I’ll also have plenty of these cute lil business cards to hand out, so even if you don’t want to buy a thing from me, you can at least get a little reminder of how cool I am. WINK.

Anime Weekend Atlanta is next weekend! Come see me! I’ll be posting up the rest of the print previews this coming week. Thanks for being so patient and cool while I get all this stuff ready. I’m suuuper excited!