#FBF You have never felt intimidated until a 850lb Gorilla wants to pinch your nipple. I really fell in love with #Koko She is really a sweet sweet girl. So smart and so close to being human. When she looks at you it’s as if a human is looking at you. Spending time with her just made me realize that these animinal a should not be in cages. No mater how fancy the habitat, the belong in the wild #monstergarage #jessejames

Man!! Thank You guys So Much for the Positive Feedback on #MonsterGarage I dig how that show affected people in a positive way Showing them Hard Work will always prevail. I am pretty Happy @CMT has decided 2 Show Classic episodes starting This Friday 7/26 at Midnight! If people watch it They want me to Fire Up the Show again. I kinda like that it depends on You guys! I’m ready to bust my ass again! All you gotta do is watch! #jessejames #westcoastchoppers #freebie