More in the series “buncha weird monsterpeople living in some kind of flooded post-apoc world”

Though thinking about it now, I guess I shouldn’t have put a human in there because they’re supposed to not exist in this world. This world whose worldbuilding rules can be summed up as:

  • abandoned modern structures
  • water everywhere!
  • except where water would normally be like pools and stuff
  • also monster people
  • wearing modern clothing and jewelry
  • also also fabric and stuff
  • no humans except in this one circumstance apparently


Sweet fish boy who wears hair clips and loves to play guitar

a.k.a niall horan your neighbourhood irish merrow who just wants to play you a tune and for harry to stop making fish puns

Birds of a Feather (Monsterboys Swagtre)

Rating: G (birdy fluff)
Content: Swagtre (Monsterbirdyboys AU)
Summary: Swag’s being obnoxious and Entre is confused

OK I don’t pretend to be a prodigy on birdy habits but I did do some research but I’m sorry if I got anything wrONG I just came up with this last night and aaaaaaaaaaa I may write more to this if people like it just tAKE THE BIRDIES


Entre was barely asleep when he was awakened by a subtle rattling noise coming from below his nesting tree. He tried to ignore it, as he always did, but it was persistent, only getting louder the longer he waited. Finally, he let out a large squawk, his feathers on end as he shuffled to the edge of his nest, peering down.

“For god’s sake, Swag! Knock it off!”

“Come on, baby. You know you want a piece of this~” Came the smooth reply, and Entre only rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh.

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Dominant reaper boy who wears baggy sweaters and hates to collect human souls

a.k.a louis tomlinson the worlds most chilled out reaper. hates his job, impossible to quit he’s tried.