Alright I’m finished with all my illustrations for the monsteranthology book! This’ll be my last post about this stuff unless there is further news about the book [like delays or deals~]

If you missed the kickstarter for this book, you can still pre-order it @storenvy! My illustrations will be in the SFW edition, but if you’re of age, you should really check out both versions! :) If you are curious about who else is in this book, you can check out the artist list.

Aaaand now to work on d*s vol1. //EXCITE

Working on ideas for monster anthology and thought id share a little doodle with you guys as a sampler of what to expect. 

Speaking of which we could use more pledges we’re getting rather close to our goal funding the project. Be sure to check out the Kick-starter page HERE for more info AND OR visit the Tumblr page for updates and news!


Was thinking about what other kinds of demons and devils Emilia coulda consumed some powers from, remembered the one time I drew Siegmund with Emilia’s hair, and thought “Hey, I should make a lady version of whatever devil thing he be.”

So then I made a lady devil who I’ma call Kyrie. Kinda wanna do something with her for the Monster Anthology.

I’m kinda reconsidering the whole “Emilia devouring people for power” thing. It’s too fun drawing her having other friends so I’ll probably have them just kind of living inside her psyche and popping out to harass her.

Later today I’m going to be donating to studiokillers' and monsteranthology's Kickstarters so nobody bother me for favors or anything these are my good deeds for the year. (Or until something else new and exciting rears its head tbh)

Really excited to somehow be involved with two very incredible projects, though. And on such different scales. One, well, freakin’ Studio Killers is going live, man. I’m gonna be basking in assorted Cherry goodies like no tomorrow. The opportunity to support a group that I’ve grown so emotionally attached to is rather daunting but also pretty exhilarating.

Secondly, with the Demon Edition of MonsterAnthology, I’ll be able to have paper copies of so many of my art inspos’ work in my grubby little hands. From slugbox to raspbeary, even derekhetrickart and way more, plus some NEW sources of artistic awe, like I’m wigging out just at the thought of it. Gonna be gettin’ that NSFW copy so you know that’s gonna be an experience all on its own, ehueh.

Things like these make me super jazzed to support the people that have spurned me onto this creative path, as well as to produce projects of my own in their honors. Like, I’unno. Call me a sentimental young fool, plus it’s 9:20AM as opposed to my usual wake-up time of 1PM, but I think these are some swell folks that deserve all the admiration (and $$$) in the world.