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Before I say anything else, I just wanted to apologize for asking for help w/ my abortion essay. That was very disrespectful of me. Now my mom is pro-life and I am pro-choice. My brother has Down's syndrome. When my mom asked about my pro-choice essay, she got all emotional and brings up how women aborting b/c of Down's syndrome are especially selfish & shallow. She says, "But it's killing. It's baaad". Idk how to respond, she's making me out to be an emotionless monster w/ my pro-choice views:/

Thank you for your apology.

This is an incredibly complex issue and my thoughts on your question are not really cohesive so I’m just going to list them all out:

  • Pregnant people having abortions because their fetus shows signs of disability is a tragedy, and is a sign of our culture’s ableism as well as a lack of medical and educational resources for the disabled and their families.  It is NOT a symptom of abortions being acceptable or accessible.
  • In fact, abortion being made illegal would not prevent abortions of fetuses who are found to be disabled.  It would only make pregnant people more likely to be maimed or killed attempting to get unsafe abortions.
  • Raising a disabled child can be incredibly expensive and difficult for those without government-provided healthcare, and so this issue has strong ties with poverty and classism.  It’s gross to blame poor people, who more often than not already have children, for choosing to abort a disabled fetus over the possibility of being forced into more severe poverty which could drastically hurt their already living children.
  • Anyone arguing that adoption is a compassionate alternative to aborting a disabled child that cannot be supported by its birth parents is ignoring how awful the foster/adoption system is towards disabled children.  Disabled children are less likely to be adopted soon after birth than able-bodied and neuro-typical children, so there are a disproportionate number of disabled children living in foster care.  Disabled children in foster care are also more likely to experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse than most other demographics.
  • Pro-choicers are not only advocates of reproductive rights, but healthcare of all kinds.  The pro-choice movement advocates for universal healthcare, which would ultimately benefit parents of children with down syndrome and other cognitive and physical disabilities.
  •  It is anti-choice conservatives who you see constantly attempting to cut healthcare benefits, SNAP benefits, childcare benefits, etc. and make raising a disabled child more difficult, especially for families living in poverty.
  • The ideal world for those of us who identify as pro-choice would be where pregnant people have the right to make all their own medical and reproductive decisions without shame or stigma.  Healthcare would be free and accessible so those who choose to raise a physically or cognitively-disabled child can fully support and care for that child’s needs. Ideally our culture would also be rid of the stigma and discrimination against disabled people so that their lives are not devalued the way they are now.  
  • The anti-choice movement, based on the policies they support, is essentially a vicious cycle:  there is no sex education, all sex ed is abstinence only and doesn’t teach students how to have safe sex and avoid accidental pregnancy → accidental pregnancy rates soar, especially among those living in poverty and in insular communities with less access to medical care and room for economic growth → children born to parents who aren’t emotionally or financially prepared for parenthood leads to those children being less able or likely to pursue higher education and better paying jobs, and therefore the cycle of poverty continues.  
  • Pregnant people who seek abortions where they are unsafe are more likely to be injured or killed, which is essentially okay according to the pro-life movement, since they do nothing to prevent this which proves they care more about punishing women* than actually “saving” fetuses.

I hope this is helpful for you.  Feel free to take and leave whatever is relevant to your situation.

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09x11 “First Born”
10x18 “Book of the Damned”
Cas + His Love for Food = Cas + His Love for Humanity

Quite possibly these moments in 10x18 might have been one of the things that made me most emotional about Cas in the episode. Metatron has expertly been reinforcing Cas to reflect upon himself and his identity. Who he is and what he may not be anymore even when he gets his grace back. And all of it was heavily explored by one thing: Food.

All throughout the season Dean’s struggle against the mark has been framed and explored by him indulging in junk food, feeding himself in order to not feed the mark (there is a lot more to Dean’s psychological vs. physical hunger though, see here), feeding his body, not feeding the monster. Eating, a very basic human need and nescessity.

And it is the one nescessity that Cas had grown to love about being human. While eating in general was annoying, he had enjoyed the taste of food - developed a taste so similar to Dean (and may I also say here that to me Cas loving burgers in 5x14 “My Bloody Valentine” had nothing to do with Jimmy Novak’s taste for burgers at all, but only with him becoming more human and ultimatley how close he had become with Dean), for burritos, for sandwiches, for burgers.

So yes, this whole thing in a twisted way to me not only showed Cas missing those human things, like the taste of food, but maybe much more what he told Hannah also is so great about being human: Hope, Dreams, Art. And most of all: love.

Because in the end Cas’ taste for everything sweet has just as little to do with physical hunger than it has for Dean. No, that hunger is a hunger for safety, for comfort. Yes, it’s the longing for love.

They told me I couldn’t. That’s why I did.

I am so damn sorry that this is going up so late. My stupid editing system took literally 3 hours just to save the complete video and youtube took 2 ½ hours to upload it -___- but anyway, here’s my Frankenstein’s Monster tutorial for you all! I hope you guys like it :)

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This really confuses me...

Sandor Clegane: Murders Mycah and laughs about it, becomes enamored with 11 year old Sansa, intimidates and mocks her several times, holds her at knifepoint, tells her he enjoys killing, says men women and children are just meat and he’s the butcher, never really shows remorse for his actions.

Many Asoiaf fans: Omg, he’s so badass and misunderstood!! He cares about Sansa in his own way, they’re like Beauty & The Beast, it’s so romantic! He had a horrible childhood, I feel so bad for him!

Theon Greyjoy: Decides to side with his blood family, takes Winterfell, allows Ramsay to murder the two Miller’s Boys, immediately has horrible guilty nightmares afterwards, gets captured and tortured by Ramsay, regrets all he has done, eventually finds the courage to escape and rescues Jeyne Poole in the process.

Many of the exact same Asoiaf fans: He’s a monster!! He betrayed the Starks and murdered children, he can never be redeemed! He deserved what Ramsay did to him, JUSTICE FOR THE MILLER’S BOYS!!

This is something I’ve never understood about the Asoiaf fandom and probably will never understand. 

For the record, I have no problem whatsoever with people liking Sandor and I don’t even hate the guy myself. What I don’t understand is why many people insist on making excuses for all of his actions while contradicting themselves at the same time by holding other characters up to higher standards. So Sandor has a few funny one-liners so that cancels out all he has done? I just don’t get it.

a terra/aqua fanmix
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i’m not calling you a liar - florence + the machine | one day, robots will cry - cobra starship | standing in the way of the light - birdy | bridges - broods | hello hello - sr-71 | warrior - foxes | six weeks - of monsters and men | hollow drum - laura welsh | everything she wants - saint raymond | echo - foxes | mourning doves - mikky ekko

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The anime gif of the white haired kid fucking up the gorilla looking monster. What is that from and is it any good?

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