youtube Philipp Halfmann provides a quick basic overview on carbohydrates. He talks about the 3 categories of carbs (monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides) and their compositions. 


  • Carbohydrate Categories: 0:25
  • Monosaccharides: 0:36
  • Disaccharides: 0:54
  • Polysaccharides: 1:03



  • 6 PM (New York/Eastern Standard Time)
  • 23:00 PM (LONDON)
  • 6:00 AM (Hong Kong)



http://www.TennisConditioning.TV Philipp Halfmann is the author of “Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning for Tennis” and regularly provides information for tennis players and coaches related to tennis, coaching, warm up, strength & conditioning, sports nutrition, health, and exercise physiology. 

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Crystal alien, Done by me :)

My character name Poaceae, short name Poa, her race is Sugar (Sugar Crystal) from the planet Monosaccharides. O3O

Missa calicem dulcia
  1. On distant shores where cats meow and tea flows By the by we find our hero standing Strong against the pervasive stench the ground Exudes, being that the ground consists of Little more than monosaccharides which Our hero has some experience with, Owing to the largest cat on the beach. She, a heroine herself, worthy friend.

  2. The Elder Gods beseeched our strong hero, Requiring his many hidden strengths to Carry out their own agendas amongst The hero and his crew. The hero, a Mechanic, understands their goals and plan. Mechanizing against his friends— nay, friend— And while he wished to help he could not make His actions move to their desired ends.

  3. Given though, no choice of something else, he Embraces his role as Heir of Void. With The thieving soul-cat following by his Side he descends to nothing and he hides. Such hiding, though heroic on its own Brought on more than the just Elder Gods’ ire. For br8king through his stronghold stood enraged Another thief with more luck on her side.

  4. A battle raged across the powdered land, With breaking cubes and shattered china pots. The carnage only ended with a kiss, More accidental than planned. But our man, Mechanic of the emptiness removed Himself from a position rather 100d. Apologizing for his incorrect Behavior, the thief’s ire was strong renewed.

  5. She brought her arm to rest upon her head, Her right arm, natural as she did hatch, Whilst still remembering the metal left It came to pass another Goddess hath A plan involving the mechanic we Could see lying frozen on the ground if This were hap’ning here and now. The Goddess with her metal arm removed our hero.

  6. The soul-cat, thieving fiend as she might be, Felt loyalty unto the mechanic. But even so, she did not move and lay Upon the sugared sands. For she knew what Our hero did not. The Elder Gods lost No love for the soul-cat’s friend, but the new Goddess could not claim the same. And indeed, For this thief our hero spited the Gods.

  7. Our hero awakes. He sits up, looks round. He smells sea water but sees webs. He knows. Nearby, if he had to guess, a gamble He’d be sure to win in truth, the host of This dark home would be lurking. Waiting. Game. Was he a prisoner? A friend? Or else Why bother to lock him in a room? But Alas, he found the room had ne’er a lock.

  8. The Elder Gods roar out, trembling with rage. The soul-cat simply continued on her hunt. The Goddess demanded sacrifice, And our hero was happy to oblige. He went on quests in his new Patron’s name. He brought her comfort over many nights. The only comfort he could not bring was What she saw for him with her eightfold eye.

    Ok yeah this isn’t what I started working on at all but I kindof started jamming with Didactic Poetry today and I thought eight verses with eight lines would be really great for this? i’ll probably still finish the other too, but I had this done and it’s already been like two weeks so I wanted you to have something! I hope you enjoy it!

Oh my fucking GOSH logan a;sldkjf this is amazing?? This is really really nice, such lovely writing, aww thank you so much ;w; Thank you~!!

Through the course of College I’ve learned different terms for sugar, and my dogs name is in fact Sugar. For a while I said I was gonna change her name to Glyco. Right now though when she is being dumb I call her a Monosaccharide or in my own terms a Simple Sugar.


The benefits of Polypodium leucotomos extract and sport nutrition

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Polypodium leucotomos extract consists of several components such as monosaccharides, malic acid, phenolics, glucuronic and shikimic. These products offer anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. The major action of Polypodium leucotomos extract is to regulate the immune system so that the imbalances can be corrected.

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Bio 101 is kicking my ass...

This is flying over my head…and this is the basic stuff.
I feel so dumb right now. I just can’t remember anything…there is so much to learn and my instructor is like “We are going to have a test on Chapters 1-4 on Monday!!”



I have a horrible memory…and the fact that I have to remember all of this shit…like…monosaccharides…what the fuck is that?! (Don’t actually answer that.) I know what it is because I literally just picked it out from my text book. But guess what?? Later on—I’m not even going to REMEMBER that damn word!!

I am SO glad I dropped Psychology so I could focus on this class and my other class…I know it sounds so horrible…but I get stressed out easily, I shut down easily…I have panic attacks easily… I am such a fucking mess…You know how shitty I feel right now?? I only have two classes.. TWO! Well…technically three….BIO101, BIOLAB, and VET105!

VET105 you just show up and listen to a spokes person…answer questions on the hand out and turn it in. Boom. 100. It’s easy. Just show up, pay attention/ listen. But BIO101…it’s like…what the fuck.

I love science. I really do. I think it is very fascinating! But dumb it down for me. I can’t keep up with all of this information…this is why I said I had a learning disability—but my parents never believe me. “You are very smart, Katelin! You just don’t do the work! You don’t apply yourself!!” Ever think that maybe…just MAYBE…the work isn’t done because I DON’T GET THE MATERIAL?! There are just somethings I don’t understand!! Explain it to me all you want…I-won’t-get-it. I am trying so hard right now and I feel like I am getting nowhere. I have studied and studied..I even tried different ways of studying. But NOTHING is sticking!!

And I feel like a complete idiot because in BIOLAB I am standing there like “What the fuck is going on?! Why the fuck did that liquid change color?! What the fuck does that mean?!”

If I can’t even get the basics of Biology…then I shouldn’t even try to become a Vet Technician…There is just no fucking way.

I can’t even fucking tell you if Unsaturated fat is a Carbohydrate, protein, or lipid—I know for sure it’s not a nucleic acid…so I have that going for me.

But yeah…and I know it’s probably the easiest fucking thing ever. But I am just so dumb…Waaay over my fucking head. If I question how something works…just give it to me simply. Because otherwise I hear
"When something happens it’s because of this! And what is this? This is a molecule! And what is a molecule made up of? That’s right children a cluster of fucks which I have none to give out right now."

Fuck me sideways…
Just put me out of my misery…I am way too dumb for this.