Mongolian Man Roasting Marmot with Torch in Terelj

Marmot (freshly caught, earth-grown marmot!) is a fair-weather treat. The head is delicately removed, the body opened, and hot stones are gently placed inside and then the seams are forced shut. The rocks cook the innards and then the outside is hosed with fire. As the fur is singed it’s scraped off with a knife. When the headstump geysers rodent juice the marmot is ready to eat. To me it was as delicious as a slimy, fishy turkey would be and so when I refuse more my comrades enjoy less competition to the meat and do not force more upon me (unlike vodka).

Then we play with the hot stones in our hands to improve our health.

I asked my girlfriend what happens to head and she thinks the dogs in the countryside might get the gift.