Freshman year film final, with Karina Farek

Welcome to the official blog for A Cotton Tale!


This is the home for A Cotton Tale!  It’s a short film made by Monica Manalo set to be finished in Spring 2015!  It will be a 3D animated short produced in the Computer Art department of the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY.

It’s still very much a work in progress, but I’ll be slowly adding more content and related posts during the whole production process.  I’ll be adding designs, storyboards, animatics, color scripts, animation tests, lighting tests, etc.  I’ll also probably post or reblog things that help inspire me, such as concept art from other works.

I hope you enjoy following the creation of my little film!

PS: I know how corny the name is but please bear with me and my love for puns!

it feels soooooo good just to draw for myself again

wip of fanart for child of light’s main character, Aurora!  I beat the game recently and started a little bit of the new game plus, and i highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the classic JRPGs or anyone in general!  I’m gonna start a side project of drawing the party members as if they were wearing their expected class outfits.  Aurora is totally a paladin, so she gets cool gold gauntlets and grieves and pauldrons etc

Lately every time I try to draw on Photoshop it randomly stops working, and I have to force quit the program.  So I’ve been very frustrated since I want to practice painting on my Cintiq.

Anyway here’s a doodle of Emi from Katawa Shoujo with part of her head cut off because I could only get a screenshot instead of saving the actual image.  It seems a little cruel especially since she’s already an amputee.  I haven’t finished any of the other character’s paths because honestly I don’t like their personalities, only Emi’s.  Well I did finish the bad ending with Kenji where Hisao is just a negative little shit.

I miss drawing super moe girls.