It’s been on year today since you died…it will be one year Sunday since I last seen your face …I miss you all the time momma …we all do…me, Danielle, Megan, Kristen, and Kayla …I sometimes call your phone just to hear your voicemail just so I can hear your voice …I cry all the time and just wish you could be here to celebrate my sweet 16 with me Sunday .. :’( #monma #missingyou #love #brokenheart #oneyear #wishyouwerehere #angel #protector #sad #tears #rip #barbraornduff

I started today òwó and I am already reading the chapter 3 e.e
I love the story, it’s very cute~ but I will never understand why the relationships between TeacherxStudent are so popular =+=… anyway XD I like it, but now. I hate Monma ^^ how dare you to not let me do my class 7^7 9 and~ to the heroine’s ex boyfriend ^^ fuck you.

Step on a crack, you break your monma’s back I get that but what if you have a step - momma? Does it affect her, or does it affect your birth momma?