Right from the beginning, in the unborn nature there is nothing to be refuted and nothing to be established. At the level of the unborn, there is no distinction of attaining nirvana or not attaining nirvana.

The unborn nature itself is also not there, because there is no thing which is unborn. There is no relative and no absolute. There are no buddhas and no beings. 

There is no view and nothing to meditate on. There is no conduct and no result. The mind is the meditation; the mind free of concepts rests in its own place. 

There is nothing that recognizes and nothing that is distracted. There are no characteristics, and the meditation is very clear. 

— Chandrakīrti


The Universe through the Lens of Compassion-Symbolism of the Sand Mandala  

The Drepung Loseling monks spent 5 days constructing the sand mandala grain by grain, using crushed dyed grains of marble at the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University campus.

Today, during this closing ceremony, the Tibetan monks consecrated the mandala sand painting and then sweep it away in a demonstration of the impermanence of all things.  The monks lead a procession to a nearby stream and poured the healing sands into the water where it began its journey toward the ocean and thus spread its healing energies on its currents around the world.

Take up thy cross and follow Me!

“O Lord Jesu, as Thou hast said and promised, even so let it be unto me, and grant me to prove worthy. I have received the cross at Thy hand; I have carried it, and will carry it even unto death, as Thou hast laid it upon me. Truly the life of a truly devoted servant is a cross, but it leadeth to paradise. I have begun; I may not return back nor leave it.” - Imitation of Christ, Ch. LVI


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CHINA, BEIJING : Tibetan monks dressed as demons attend the Beating Ghost festival at the Yonghe Temple, also known as the Lama Temple, in
Beijing on March 19, 2015. The Beating Ghost festival, or Da Gui
festival in Chinese, is an important ritual of Tibetan Buddhism and is
believed to expel evil spirits and shake off troubles.          AFP