One thing I’ve experience three times this week is men, grown up adult ass men, catcalling but then throwing an insult because they can’t handle my “horrific” act of rejection of not responding to their monkey act. Fuckboys.

Let’s open up one of the classics of Chinese literature, Journey To The West. … Sun Wukong is the name of our hero, although he’s better known as the Monkey King. Which isn’t a colorful metaphor. He is a monkey, and he is the king of the other monkeys. Born from an enchanted stone and infused with the energy of the gods, Sun Wukong is effectively immortal and incredibly strong. He fights with a staff that weighs thousands of pounds and can vary in size from a sewing needle to a massive stone pillar. He can transform into other animals, where he is also presumably treated as a king. He can pluck hairs from his body to create clones of himself, to fight in battle or dominate the paint in basketball games. Also, he can cross vast distances in a single jumping somersault. He is very much like Superman, in fact, in that not only is he incredibly strong, he’s also clearly assigned powers any time a writer deems it convenient.

5 Superheroes Older Than You Think


The Real Question

Why are there millions of people who are so poorly informed about basic science, that they think that evolution is about our having evolved from modern-day monkeys. Why are there millions of people who are happy to take an adamant stance about a subject that they should have flunked in high school if they gave these sorts of erroneous answers, and to think themselves smarter than the world’s scientists despite their being badly misinformed?

We are officially back in TEXAS!!!!!! 😋💗💙 time to walk around, shop and people watch! (at The Chuggin’ Monkey)

AUSTRALIA - Just want to agree with a previous submission of how disgustingly racist Australia is. I played on a professional basketball team in South Australia and people would stare at me as I went out. Once, my girlfriend and I got on a train and a group of men started clicking their tongues and making monkey noises. I’ve seen one too many “Slavery gets shit done” shirts. And too many people have reached out to try to touch my locs. I was once on a beach and an aboriginal man came to me asking if I was native because I looked like it and people screwed their faces at us as we sat there and talked.

Australia is fucking disgusting and there’s no amount of money that could make me go back to that fake, peaceful hippie ass country.