Wrestling…wrestling…wrestling (I just sang that) so I fought and lost. This bittie threw me around the mat with her fireman, shit eh. Delaney won her first match which is good, but the next match makes me nervous cause the girl she’s against LOVES cradles :l. So here’s what you missed on GLEE! I watched that last night and I felt like I should add it in ;)

so today we had a little work shop after that we could sign up for, apart of the Live Difference day. and kennedy’s name was on the little list and so i told her to come on down (yanno like the price is right) cept she got majorly confused!  can’t you tell?

Oh hey, I know I know! I’ve neglected you but well Monica hasn’t gone on vacation lately so I really had no use for you! It seemed wrong to update it with out a purpose! Darling don’t worry because we are back in business for a whole day ;) wow can you just feel the excitement oozing from every megabyte on your electronically powered device? Here’s a little update. Classes have changed. Today on the agenda there’s a dash of English, king Lear ftw. I have spare when monica turns into a bilingual bad ass so I ran on the treadmill, zones are coming up and hell to the no will I be running through a school on the day of to be on weight. Math oh math, we did some more text book work which was just a practice time. I truly believe monica won’t need to do it unless she wants to. The note I will post soon! I was nervous to take a picture of it while in class, mrs. Whyte would massacre me if she saw!! And of course my favourite class, chemistry. We took a hardy note on atoms, fun stuff. There’s two work sheets she’ll need to do but she can get them from him tomorrow. Fun filled day eh? Oh right I almost forgot! Kennedy may have got her G2! I need to ask!!!


I’m such a slacker lately!! I was busy this weekend, so i couldn’t post much. ill put the notes on now :)

okay so these are the biology notes you missed. we took a note on the heart today, but you’ll have to get that tomorrow because i dont have that binder with me! 


so today i was trying to be a good kid, do my work and actually accomplish something. not only did i refrain from post your daily dash of awesomeness here i refrained from ALL OF TUMBLR! 

period one:
a lovely time when i miss the first 15 minutes of class to go to homerooms, being the 7th day of Christmas we had NAME THAT HO. it sounds a lot worse when you weren’t there to experience it :p You missed Think Day, LiveDifferent an organization that helps all the less fortunate people in the world. holy crap it was amazing, not only did the lights make the whole gym look like a rave there was a live band and jenny cried from some of the stories. plus jen, emily and i have decided we will be bailing on you guys for a bit either next summer or next winter break to go on a mission trip. have fun in the amazing Canada while we roast in Haiti or Mexico or the Dominican or Thailand.  

PHYSICS: oh guch, such an easy guy to get off topic. he basically told us all about his mission trips cause Emily is a genius and got him to talk most of the class. we also found out guch had some Spanish bittie when he went, apparently they were very close ;) cept he wouldn’t tell us the girls name… silly guch, we did a whole 15 minutes worth of note, ill post that next. 

leadership: you  didn’t miss anything to be honest, i sat down the science hall with Hanna while she painted i caught up on homework. 

so wrestling tournement! 
lucas got forth i believe, delaney and zoe both received a silver… i don’t really think you would worry about any one else :p
and i will post the rest of the long note up tonight!


Oh look another spectacular song from my playlist, their whole cd has been on repeat lately! One direction is my new obsession :) I’m fist pumping, and head bobbing, dougieing… Any other cliche dance move you can think of, that’s what I dance to with this song while I wait for my cereal to suck up some of the milk, cause I don’t like crunchy cereal in the morning it makes me angry :p

oh man

so here we go…

im supposed to last a whole day without you keeping me occupied in leadership, or physics, or biology. you realize what this means right? I’m going to have to be the one to yell at nagel to SHUT THE HECK UP. and be the one to ask the question that everyone is wondering in leadership, oh and be the one to tell kiefer to slow the fuck down when we write down notes ;) 
but you’re on vacation so none of these things will matter. because bud, you have really deserved this vacation with all the stress you’ve had inflicted. oh and i expect pictures to return with you, we can spend a whole day of procrastinating in leadership with you showing me them.
as you can tell i obviously made this blog for you for a reason, you need to stay up to date with the every day life at CSS and since you will be abandoning your fellow warriors to go get a gorgeous tan and hopefully pick up some lovely bacon bits i have come to your rescue…
yes Monica Sliski, you are now the very proud reader of the know everything blog. i will post on here your homework, notes you’ve missed, things i do when im bored like pictures ive drawn or photos we take when we’re bored. oh and of course ill keep you up to date when something epic happens like if someone gets their face smashed in… or idk some other idiot spills rotten tea and makes the school smell like ass.

ah so spongebob just came on, and i will leave my lovely little blurb at that. please have fun and TRY to relax… of course dont miss me too much ;)