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Questions from: apocalptycgrl

1. Your favorite Marvel movie?

I love them all…but probably Iron Man or The Avengers.

2. Who is your celebrity crush?
I’ve got a lot hehehe, but the most important is Tom Hiddleston. He’s perfect.

3. A gif that always makes you smile

4. Do you think you’ve been living life to the fullest?
Not really… but I’m still young. I’ve got enough time to doy it yay

5. Is there something that you would change about yourself and why?

My eyes. They’re so mainstream.
And I’m a little arrogant sometimes.

6. What would be your perfect relationship?
It would be my perfect relationship if I could have not only a boyfriend, even a friend. Someone I could talk with about jokes and geeky stuff. Someone I could watch Marvel films with. That boy who loves video games too. Intelligent and funny, that’s what perfection is.

7. Ever been to a comic Con?
No D:
I’d love to be in one someday. 

8. Last book you read?
For my school exams: The Hound of the Baskervilles.
By hobby: A Game of Thrones (again).

9. Ever dye your hair a strange color?
No, but it’s in my task list.

10. Ever watch Sherlock?
Sure :)

11. Suggestions of blogs I should follow.

My Questions:

1. Do you like Iron Man 3. Why?

2. Favourite movie ever.

3. Who is your celebrity crush? Why?

4. What kind of music do you like?

5. Favourite Youtuber.

6. MARVEL or DC comics?

7. Book or movie?

8. Favourite color?

9. Last movie that makes you think about life.

10. TV series that you really miss.

11. How would it be your ideal partner?

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