Oh please, please, please let this happen. I’d pay money to watch Daily Mail readers put their views across by rapping.

"Deirdre! Deirdre! What rhymes with ‘uncontrolled immigration’, Deirdre?"

the almighty johnsons is a special show because at times it can be quite dramatic and there are people yelling and storming off

but they’re all wearing flip flops

nothing undermines drama quite like flip-flops angrily squeaking away

Manila The African Money Of The Slave Trade

Copper was the “red gold” of Africa and had been both mined there and traded across the Sahara by Italian and Arab merchants. The early Portuguese explorers of the 1470s observed that copper bracelets and legbands were the principal money all along the west African coast. They were usually worn by women to display their husband’s wealth. The Portuguese crown contracted with manufacturers in Antwerp and elsewhere to produce crescent rings with flared ends of wearable size which came to be called “manilla,” after the Latin manus (hand) or from monilia, plural of monile (necklace).

Although Gold was the primary and abiding merchandise sought by the Portuguese, by the early 16th century they were participating in the slave trade for bearers to carry manillas to Africa’s interior, and gradually Manillas became the principal money of this trade. By the end of the 1500s the Portuguese had been shouldered aside by the British, French, and Dutch, all of whom had labor-intensive plantations in the West Indies, and later by the Americans whose southern states were tied to a cotton economy . A typical voyage took manillas and utilitarian brass objects such as pans and basins to West Africa, then slaves to America, and cotton back to the mills of Europe.

The Africans of each region had names for each variety of manilla, probably varying locally. They valued them differently, and were notoriously particular about the types they would accept. The price of a slave, expressed in manillas, varied considerably according to time, place, and the specific type of manilla offered. Internally, manillas were the first true general-purpose currency known in west Africa, being used for ordinary market purchases, bride price, payment of fines, compensation of diviners, and for the needs of the next world, as burial money. Cowrie shells, imported from Melanesia and valued at a small fraction of a manilla, were used for small purchases. In regions outside coastal west Africa and the Niger river a variety of other currencies, such as bracelets of more complex native design, iron units often derived from tools, copper rods, themselves often bent into bracelets, and the well-known Handa (Katanga cross) all served as special-purpose monies.


They told this DEA agent not to enforce drug laws in white areas. Really.

Meet Matthew Fogg,( black male) a former U.S. Marshal whose exploits led him to be nicknamed “Batman.” When he noticed that all of his team’s drug raids were in black areas, he suggested doing the same in the suburbs. His boss didn’t take kindly to the idea. Agent Matthew Fogg not wanting to actively participate in the war against black people

Makes me Think…..I always empathize with both sides, never assume, & this pisses some people off. Truth? I wasn’t there, so it’s not my place to comment #billcosby #truth #lies #loyalty #blackpride #racism #racist #propaganda #socialmedia #mafia #skulls #power #money #news #race #cosby #bet #tv #journalism #followers #sheep #popular

Wanna prove someone is sexist? Don’t even bother, just post shit that guy posts by himself. Please use adbllock plus and privacy badger to look at this, but be aware that he is making money for making RACIST and SEXIST videos.

Continue to have your racist neighbor purport negative stereotypes, but also imply that autistic people are too stupid to form a basic opinion. (by his own posts) Good job, Greg.

Actually, no. You’re kinda being an asshole who is reposting shit that isn’t relevant while forgetting that you’re a rapist.

ahahahahahaha my boss answered me with this bitchy fucking email about how she “knows” I told her I was all set with my hours. That’s literally impossible because I don’t even KNOW the times of all my classes yet. My independent study times haven’t been set yet. Just shut up and give me your fucking money you racist shitbag.  

Kanye West’s recent successes, especially with his bombshell wife Kim Kardashian, adorable daughter North and luxuriousdream home, are forgotten as his violent past haunted the musician while having a deposition in the case against him when he assaulted a photographer in 2013. Read on for further details.

Canada, the land of ‘free’ healthcare and racism far worse than any of you could imagine (unless you’re aboriginal)