money money money

Want to get more money in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

Hey guys so a lot of my friends on animal crossing have been complaining about not having a lot of money so here is what i do to get easy cash. 

Go to the island. I’m sure most of you know how to get there. If you haven’t unlocked the island yet, you must update your home 3 times and the boat will be there the next morning. Go sometime between 5 P.M and 12 A.M

If you go later the better luck you’ll have.

A side note, you can skip the song by pressing [B] several times.

So i suggest getting rid of the trees and plants on the grass part of the island. It’ll make things a lot easier, also so you’re not distracted by the cheap bugs that stay there.

Now you will want to chop down the two trees that are towards the front of the island (where i circled).

Now it’s easier to see these huge Beetles that like to cling to the palm trees. 

You need to creep up on them slowly, these Beetles are easy to scare. 

Each Beetle costs around 8,000 Bells. It can differ. The most expensive are the Golden Stags. Which look smaller than the other beetles and are harder to catch. Normally i stay at the island catching these beetles until the basket is completely full. 

So yeah that’s it!! Hope this helped!!

About the TCA's

Okay, think about the fact that Harry was seen so much on the show. Basically seen as the front man (or the only man in the audience idk I didn’t actually see the whole thing) 

Now think about how much One Direction was talked about on the show.

Now think about the fact that TCA admitted to rigging the awards.

And now, think about the fact that all anyone in the entertainment industry cares about is money.

Now put two and two together. 

Yes it was rigged. Surprising? Not really. Shows like this are never actually about the awards. Or even about the fans. They’re about money. They’re a great excuse for promo promo and more promo. And promo equals money. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I would bet a lot that it’s all a money game, and the one with the highest bid gets the award. By winning the award you get to go up and talk about whatever it is you did that got you the award, aka promo. The trailer/song/whatever you did gets shown to the world, aka promo. 

It’s all very deliberate. Harry isn’t choosing to be the frontman. For whatever reason, it’s the image for the band that modest is insistent on projecting, and they’re doing a great job of it. No doubt it cost them an arm and a leg. But it’s no coincidence that 1D were the biggest part of the whole thing.

Money Money Money on set
  • Money Money Money on set
  • Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski&Julie Walters
  • Mamma Mia B-roll

Meryl talks:
I’ve been…I’ve been running this hotel for fifteen years
and I have never had a day off…Oh my god! Sorry…

Meryl sings:
I work all night I work all day
To pay the bills I have to pay

Christine&Julie singing:
Ain’t it sad?

Meryl sings:
And still there never seems to be
A single penny left for me

Meryl talks:
Don’t sit down there

Christine&Julie singing:
(That’s too bad…)

Meryl sings:
Money money money
Must be funny
In a rich man’s world
Money money money
Always sunny
In a rich man’s world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world
It’s a rich man’s world