Teen Wolf AU: In a world in which werewolves are an enslaved race, Stiles buys Derek from a hunter slash slave trader family.  (before I get more messages about this, yes, this is kinda loosely inspired by Not As Described and either way it’s an amazing fic that you should read)

hi there!! i’m a mentally ill queer trans person lacking financial resources and i’m trying to come up with enough money to house/feed/medicate myself for two months.

i’m going to be living a dream come true by attending graduate school in pittsburgh with an amazing fellowship that will pay for tuition and a living wage — but it doesn’t start until september 30th, which is two months after i have to move to pittsburgh to attend the program!! obviously there is a problem here, because i don’t have enough money to survive for two months out of pocket. i’m trying to find summer employment and exhausting all my offline resources to raise as much money as i can, but i’m still in pretty desperate straits, because my family is at best not well-off. i’m also specifically restricted from getting a job when i’m in pittsburgh because of the terms of my fellowship, so my options are limited.

my rent for august and september is $900, the cost of my (necessary for me to function) medication will be $100, and i’m not sure how much it’ll cost to feed myself, but i’m anticipating at least $100 a week or $800 total, so i need to come up with a total of about $1800 in order to make it for those two months.

hopefully i’ll be able to pay for a lot of that myself through summer earnings, but because i have to move in august, it’s difficult to get a job for such a short period of time. i’ll probably be taking talksprite commissions over the summer to try to raise more money, but in the meantime i could really use help!!

my paypal is cryptobiology@gmail.com. i don’t expect to be able to fund all of this through tumblr, but anything people can spare will be a huge help!!!! please signal boost this even if you can’t donate — it would mean so much to me!

many thanks,

- darden

fic commissions are currently CLOSED! i will make a post when they’re reopened. thank you so much everyone!!!

hello everyone!!! so, as most of you know, deb and i just recently got married! yay!!! :’))

unfortunately, as a canadian living in the US, i still can’t legally work until i have filed the form for an adjustment of status ($985). on top of that, deb will have to file this petition to sponsor me for another $420. all of this will take at least 3 months to boot. boo ):

because of this, money is really tight. i stretched my savings as much as i could, but bills are starting to pile up and i’m desperate for a way to help contribute to food, rent and my immigration papers, and since i really don’t wanna be deported, i’ve decided to open up fic commissions for anyone who’s interested! obviously i’m primarily a spn writer, but if there’s another fandom i’m in that you’d like to see me write for, send me a message and we’ll talk.

500 word minimum  - $5
1,000 word minimum - $10
1,500 word minimum - $15

higher than that is negotiable! you can send me a message beforehand if you want to ask for something longer or afterwards with your prompt and the amount you’ve sent to my paypal, novaficcommissions@gmail.com. please include your prompt/username in the paypal email!!

once your fic is written, i will upload it tagged commissions + your URL. if you want to commission anonymously, i can post the fic without attaching your url. fics will be written on a first come, first serve basis, but i will ask for more time on longer commissions. any time you want to check in on your fic, message me and i’ll gladly share a draft with you.

If you have any questions at all, or you wanna confirm i’m ok with the prompt before you paypal me, just message me! ♥

for quick reference:
Paypal - novaficcommissions@gmail.com
my A03 + fic tag + commissions tag

signal boosts are greatly appreciated. thank you so much everyone!!!

Emergency Icon Commissions

Hi everyone! They keep cutting shifts at work, and as somebody who is trans, queer, and disabled, I cannot survive off of a 4 hour a week paycheck—that would be about ~$64 dollars a paycheck and I need to be earning at LEAST 360 every pay check just to feed myself and keep a roof over my head. 

That’s why, for a FLAT RATE of $5 USD, I’ll be selling icons like this:


Please spread around and let me know if you want one!

help a queer neuroatypical kid go to nursing school

hi. i’m valerie. as the title says, i’m a queer girl who has struggled with depression, anxiety, and other mental health stuff for several years now. during the 2012-2013 school year, my mental health reached a point where i was unable to attend some classes and was barely a functional human being. this resulted in me being denied federal financial aid by my school. i now owe my school money. 

over the past year, however, i cleaned up my act, got counseling, went on medication, and i am in a much better place. i worked really hard this past school year taking the prerequisites for our school’s nursing program. i studied for hours for the entry exam, and my scores on the exam and my good grades allowed me to be selected as one of only 75 entrants into the Fall 2014 program at my school. however, to enroll in my classes for this next semester, i have to first pay off my debt to the school.

currently i am donating plasma, working on finding a job, and saving up what little money i have to help pay the bill, but there isn’t much time. my parents are financially unstable themselves and are unable to help me. i hate, hate, hate having to ask for help, but i really need it.

if you follow my blog and have seen my “help” pages, you may have already guessed that helping people is a passion of mine. i feel it is what i was put on this earth to do. now, i finally have the opportunity to do so and i want to seize it. please, if you can spare anything at all, consider donating. i worked it out and if each one of my followers donated $3, i would have enough. if you can’t spare anything, i would love if you could just reblog this and signal boost. i can’t really offer you anything in return other than my love and gratitude, but please know, you have it. thanks.

here’s the link to donate (the button is in my sidebar)

again, thank you so much!


You want something else?

HEY HEY HEYYYY Luc and I have found a place that we would really, really love to get. It’s a mobile home in this same park that the current owners are looking to move from. The awesome thing about moving into this same park is that the lot rent is very affordable and it allows me to stay close to my father, who is disabled and on oxygen and has frequent doctor’s appointments. This is by far the best value for our money that we have been able to find, but we only have until the 31st of this month (May) to raise the money we need.

Here’s the gofundme with an updated goal in light of finding this new place. Please, please, please do what you can. Signal boost, donate if you’re able. Anything you’re able, we appreciate it all.

Donations of $5 will get a short, porny drabble (around 300 words). And as before, for every $15 you donate, you are entered into a raffle for one of three free commission slots from me (this one between 1,500 and 2,000 words).

It’s crunch time. We are desperate. Please help.

Hi everyone,

First of all, just wanted to thank all those who boosted and donated during my last donation campaign. I’m extremely grateful for all of your support, it really means a lot, I plan on sending thank you cards real soon (promise!). Unfortunately, I am still struggling with bills and I am still struggling with securing employment. I honestly cannot handle all the angry collection calls, the abuse/toxicity I get from home everyday; basically everything. I just enrolled in another temp agency but I’m not sure if I will get any assignments by the end of this month. I have a car note and overdue loans and credit card bills that total close to $650. I know that this is my second appeal in three months and I wish it didn’t have to come to this but anything helps. I really appreciate all the boosts and donations so far, thank you. Please signal boost, friends and support a struggling queer woman of color. You can donate here

Thank you!!!


hey everyone, i figured this is better than nothing and if no one does it then no one does it and i understand that writing =/= fanart etc and it’s a lot easier to sell art than it is fiction, but it’s worth a shot -

my girlfriend tori (excitatori) is currently trying to raise money so she can stay in school (she’s required to live on campus and the college of wooster is where she feels safest/happiest). you can read her post about it here and reblog and donate if you’d like.

basically i’m taking commissions! which is different than when i ask for prompts because i’m guaranteeing that i will finish whatever you ask for. i can’t guarantee like, the HIGHEST QUALITY WORK, but i will write your word count and i will write your fic/story etc.

prices are negotiable. basically i just want to consider raising even a little money for someone really important. 

drabble - 100-500 words - $3
short fic - 500-1000 words - $4-5
longer fic - 1000-5000 words - $6-10

and again, if you want something we can determine it privately.

if you wanna see what i’ve written you can check out my ao3 as well as my fic tag

you’re better off asking for a ship i like and a fandom i know but even if i don’t ship it or know much about the character(s) i’ll write it. i’ll write gen, i’ll write slash, femslash, rule 63, headcanon fics.

example - teen wolf, allison/lydia, ~500-1000 words, star trek au

if you’re gonna make a request, please do so via my ask box off anon so i can get ahold of you. you can either donate directly to tori’s fund (once i’ve finished the piece) or to my paypal. any and all money commissioned WILL go to tori and to funding her going to school.

if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me!

if you can’t afford to donate or commission anything, i’d really appreciate a signal boost. and if you can, please, please help tori out!

thanks for reading!


So the majority of my followers probably recognize this post by now, being that I have reblogged it about seventy thousand times. Well I figured I should make an updated post because Luc is going to be here in less than a week.

Right now she’s staying with her mother but she’s trying to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. As someone who also has an abusive mother I can understand why she’s desperate to get out. That means she’ll be staying here in the trailer my father and I share. It’s 500 square feet and only built for one person. Combine this with the fact that my father’s only source of income is social security checks because he’s disabled and you can see how this is also less than ideal. The financial stress would only add to the already high levels of stress from most every other area of life.

Luc’s on a one year break from school and I haven’t decided if I’ll be going back. Having another nervous breakdown doesn’t exactly sound like a good time to me, if I’m honest.

To get to the point: we need money to help us get a safe, stable place to live. It’s basically going to be the cheapest apartment we can find where the neighborhood doesn’t sound like gunshots (I’ve lived in one of those, it’s terrifying).

I really hate asking for money, but I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t absolutely have to. I have a part-time job at a gas station that isn’t paying me a living wage to begin with, so moving on my salary without outside help is impossible. The trailer park I live at will only let someone house guests for a week. We might be able to stretch it to ten days, but it still leaves us two weeks max before we have to be out of here.

We also have a gofundme page that can be shared on twitter, pinterest, facebook and elsewhere. Even if you can’t give money, spread the word for us?

IMPORTANT NOTE BTW: As I mentioned in the old post, if you donate more than 15 USD you’re entered into a raffle where the prize is a fanfiction of whatever and whomever you want between 1.5k and 2k words. I’ll pick 3 random winners that I will alert here on tumblr.

I really wish she and I had the resources to get a place without asking you all for help, but we don’t. We’ll repay you in any way we can, but we need to get there first, y’know? We’re basically 2 Broke Girls with less Kat Dennings and more “how the fuck are we going to eat.”

Thank you so, so much!


Hey everybody, I promised a more official post and here it is.  

As some of followers know, I wasn’t able to return to my summer job in Ohio this year due to a family emergency (my grandfather’s illness and eventual death). 

The great thing about my summer job in Ohio was that it was relevant to my degree, and very spoon-friendly for me. The only summer long jobs available in my town are retail jobs that would have been anything but spoon-friendly for me, due to my social anxiety, caused in part my my autism.

I held various jobs over the summer, such as cleaning, small sewing jobs, and teaching four theatre camps. I was hoping that I would be able to earn enough money to get me through the school year, and maybe even take a trip to Chicago that I have been planning for a long time.

Then my dad had a stroke. He is doing well, but he had to have surgery and spend several days in the hospital (mostly in ICU). Because he is retired and only works part time now, my family does not have health insurance at the moment, so the bill is entirely on our shoulders.  

Additionally, I have finally started taking medication for my depression and anxiety.

Things aren’t as bad as they could be; my grandfather left us some money that we will be able to use to help pay the medical bills with, however I honestly have no idea how much.

Normally I can rely on my parents throughout the school year to help me pay groceries and the like, but I don’t want to put them in a situation where I am unable to do so if I need to. 

This also kind of throws a wrench in my travel plans, and I currently have no idea how or if that situation will work itself out.

If I could take a semester off to earn money, I would definitely do so. However, taking time off would put me at risk of losing my scholarship, so the temporary fix would only cause more problems in the long run.

Over the summer I started an Etsy store. I’ve been making accessories and dolls to sell, and I would really appreciate it if people would check it out, and consider purchasing something. Even if you can’t purchase anything, signal boosting this post would be great. 

The dolls pictured above are designed by me. As you can see, most of them are styled after David Bowie, however I also take commissions. The bottom image is a picture of a commission I made for a friend. If you like the style but don’t see a doll you want, I would be more than happy to make one for you.

My Etsy store can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StardustSewing?ref=pr_shop_more

And finally, just to make one thing clear, I am not in dire straits right now, and I don’t want to give the impression that I am. However, a little help is much appreciated at this time, as this is causing me some stress that I don’t need right now.

Thank you all for reading, and remember that my ask box is always open if you want to talk to me about a custom item. 

I’m tagging this as David Bowie  and Pushing Daisies so that fans can see the dolls I’ve made, in case they are interested. :)

I am an African-American woman from a low income family who is in need of money to help pay the remainder of my college tuition. I am going to be a rising sophomore at the New School in New York City, and I have yet to be able to register for classes because I have a “hold” that is barring me fro…

PLEASE help in anyway that you can! If you are not able to donate, that’s okay! Maybe click that pretty reblog button and get the word out.

i haven’t been paid in over a month and i’ve gone through all my savings so if any of you wanted 2 donate to my paypal i’m just sayin that would be super convenient around now thank u that is all

people who have never struggled with money constantly side eye you if you’re in a relatively middle class position but still keep the habits of poverty. they judge you for eating everything you can get for free, for buying second hand clothes, for wearing old jackets, even for giving too much money to beggars. like???? i get it, apparently you can’t empathize with the poor without having experienced poverty, why don’t you fuck off.