Feed a trans, mentally ill guy for a night

Hey. My name is Thresh. I havent eaten in over 24 hours, and I wont have any money for grosherys till the 10th.

Can someone spare 10-15 dollars so I can eat tonight. I’m super hungry and lightheaded. If you pay, you can ask irlleslie for art, they will draw you something of your choice (NO homestuck, or MLP!)

My paypal is Thank you so much,

5 Ways Recent Grads Should Spend Their Money

Some things really are worth spending on – as long as you go about it in the right way:

1) Spend it on retirement by saving for it now.

2) Spend it on the thing that is most important to you.

3) Spend it on special events by saving a little bit at a time.

4) Save enough to cover three to six months of essential expenses in case of emergency.

5) Make sure you are paying at least the minimum balance on all your loans and more if you can.

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Please help me.. any donations will be greatly appreciated. I will draw pictures/portraits for whoever donates. You can message me after you’ve donated with whom you’d like me to draw. Thank you guys! ♥