Looking for vampires

*insert banner/picture here*

Soon in my story I’ll be doing a scene where there will be a party. Here’s the thing: I need guests for the party and they need to be vampires.

I will be raiding the vampire tag in my sideblog sims-simseverywhere. Some have already offered me vampires they’ve uploaded or to make me one. If you’re interested in giving me a vampire let me know.

-I will be clothing all of them (it’s a themed party) so don’t bother dressing them.
-Hair CC encouraged
-Makeup CC discouraged
-Can’t have pink hair. Natural hair colors preferred.
-If it’s not male or female let me know if they’d wear a dress or not.
- .Sim file preferred

List of people that offered:
-I’ll reply to your messages when I get to my laptop.

That’s it. I’ll update this post if needed.


I went to a book market yesterday, and they were selling postcards that were pretty old and cheap which I really like to put on my wall, but as I was sifting through them all to find ones that I wanted to get, I realised that some of them had messages written on them and been used, in which I instantly fell in love with the idea of buying another person’s postcard that holds a story we have no idea is about.