Portraits – Julia Gogosha of Gogosha Optique

by christina

Occupation: Eyewear specialist and optique owner

Address: 3208 ½ Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake; 8238 West 3rd Street.

Why we like her: Lucky for us, Julia has had a passion for glasses since her teenage years. Decades of enveloping herself in the world of optics have given her the kind of knowledge into this niche industry that can’t be acquired via shortcut. “A lot of the designers I’m carrying I’ve known for a very long time. We basically grew up together,” she says. “I won’t allow any brands in my store that haven’t proven that they have staying power otherwise I can’t guarantee my customers the kind of long term service I want to give them.” Only the highest quality frames make the cut but impeccable production isn’t enough. “The design has to push the envelope, and bring something new to the table,” Julia explains. We love that! (Check out the full interview here!)

Original Article

Where are you from? Santa Monica.

How long have you lived here? Forever.

Where do you live in LA? I live at a lot of places, all of which are by the beach.

Favorite restaurant in your hood? The French Market Cafe has the best quiche and outdoor patio. It’s nice listening to everyone around you speak French for a change.

This place makes the best coffee/tea: Groundworks on Rose for an insane iced coffee.

Coolest store: In Residence on Sawtelle Blvd.

And that’s where I bought: Signature soft white tees and the In Residence Perfume No. 1

First three adjectives that come to mind when describing your neighborhood: Sandy, creative and chill.

Favorite LA artist: John Okulick [her father] and the architect Steven Ehrlich.

When I need a time out I go to: My Studio in Venice to work or to the beach with friends to chill out and go for a swim.

The one thing that’s a must-see in LA: Aside for the craziness at the beach, the Venice Canals are pretty spectacular.