Schema monks or nuns are those who have taken on the angelic habit and are known to be literally so holy, they are considered to be living together with the angels.
..This is extremely rare. A schemamonk is a rare step taken in monastic life and is seldom approved by the abbot or bishop. The schema goes beyond carrying the Cross of Christ. Like our Lord Jesus Christ, he must be willing to surrender his life to totally save people’s souls. He must in fact be willing to be nailed to the cross he has been carrying. The schemamonk is in essence an elder among the monastic community. He is a monk who has aspired to a spiritual level that transcends worldly desires. It is a life of constant prayer. He is a walking icon of our Lord Jesus Christ. A schemamonk is sought after by religious of all ranks, monastic and lay people for spiritual advice and comfort, as well as other spiritual and religious matters. The schemamonk will again take a new name in Christ to show he has totally given up his worldly life

Bohemia, early 13th century.

“As the commonly used title of this manuscript suggests, the Codex Gigas, dating from the first third of the thirteenth century, is a book of remarkable proportions. At 90 cm in height and 50 in width, weighing 75 kilograms, it is the largest known manuscript book in the world. It is believed to be the work of one monk belonging to the Benedictine Monastery of Podlažice in eastern Bohemia. To its unusual dimensions, the costs of its preparation and also the full-page coloured drawing of the Devil on f. 289r. it owes its alternative name – The Devil’s Bible. In addition to biblical texts, the work Flavia and Isidora and several further minor works it contains a penitential, a calendar and also one of the copies of Cosmas’s Chronicle (1119-1125), the oldest historiographical work relating to the Czech Lands. Certain other parts of the Codex, in particular the Orders of St. Benedict, have not survived.

The book was not intended for everyday reading; in fact, its dimensions in combination with the relatively small hand render this impossible. Besides this, the majority of the texts it contains are written in a form which was archaic even at the time of the Codex’s creation. The Codex Gigas is a symbolic representation of a library depicting the macrocosm in the eyes of a representative of traditional Benedictine scholarship and culture.”

Only too often wrong reasoning is applied to prayer, for many believe that preparatory steps and great virtues lead us to prayer. In fact it is prayer that gives birth to all the virtues and sublime deeds. The fruits and consequences of prayer are wrongly taken for the means of attaining in.
—  A monk
The way of a Pilgrim
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