cinque terre, manarola, italy.

We ate at the this restaurant  and we had our backpacks with us. As we were sitting down, we heard two middle aged American women talking a table away from from us—-“I bet they sleep in hostels…”. We turned, looked directly at them and smiled. The guilty lady giggled nervously and her friend tried to save the situation, saying something a slightly patronizing like ‘having a backpack is like having a little house on your back’ or something of the like. The joke is on those ladies, we slept on the beach. For free. Suckers. 


Day 110:  After our breakfast “buffet” (American coffee, cereal, and some kind of fruit tart) Andrea took a group of us back to Riomaggiore. My sister and I walked along the Via d’Amore to the next town over, Monarola. The Via d’Amore has this cute sculpture of a couple overlooking the sea and couples from all around the world bring locks to attach all along the walk. Next we caught a train to Monterosso al Mare, the northernmost town of the Cinque Terre where there is a gorgeous sandy beach. After getting a nice tan/burn, we caught a train back to Riomaggiore and picked up some focaccia pizza and fruit juice and watched some Italians jumping off the cliffs into the water. We hiked up to Corniglia, which is the smallest of the five towns and then to Vernazza to have a nap in the cove with the locals. In the end, we watched the sunset on the rocks at Riomaggiore and had a small dinner of apples, goat cheese, and Moretti. I could spend every day like this!


September 6th-7th. Last weekend I had my first excursion with API to the small city of Lucca and the five small towns of Cinque Terra. We arrived to Lucca saturday morning and had a guided tour throughout the city. we stayed the night in a hotel about 2 km from the historical city of Lucca and in the morning left for Cinque Terra. Here are a few pictures of the excursion.