So it’s been a year since I started to do PWYW packs and this is the first that I ever did! These illustrations are from my pack, Sweethearts, which I did for Valentine’s day, mostly, and was basically cute girls, and food they like.

Some guest characters belong to raidraws, lolopan, lustrous-dreams-artmode, lilfirefaux, and senseidezzy. All art is by me! 

But yeah this is everything from that pack, it’s old, so it’s no longer up for sale, but since it’s all right here, there’s no need to get it. Thanks for the support over this past year, especially since I was testing out some waters with this sort of stuff. Y'all are great. 

Theory #45 "Caleb Killed Mona"

#1 - Motive. Caleb has always hated Mona. He always thought she was trouble, dangerous to Hanna. Caleb would do anything to protect Hanna. 

#2 - Betrayal. Grunwald said that Mona’s murder was a betrayal. Caleb killing Mona may not have been a betrayal to Mona….but it would be to Hanna. Hanna’s boyfriend killing her best friend? Yeah, that says betrayal to me. 

#3 - The knife. Why was Caleb SO eager to get rid of the knife? And why were his fingerprints on it? It was Toby’s knife. I mean seriously, it was Toby’s knife, and Toby was much less worried about it.

#4 - Secret life. There’s a lot we don’t know about Caleb. Caleb even admitted to Spencer in 5x15 that there are a lot of things that Hanna doesn’t even know. 

#5 - Past record. During that conversation we find out that CALEB HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF MURDER BEFORE. WHAT?!?! Again, sooo much we don’t know about Caleb. And super weird that we’ve never heard of this before now. Not even Hanna knows….

#7 - More than one person. We see the video of the “blonde” wig and assume it was a woman. But, in 5x17 we find out that more than one person killed Mona. Tanner says to Toby “You know. One or more person killed Mona.” HUGE!

So what do we think? Is it possible that Caleb killed Mona to protect Hanna? The ultimate betrayal to Hanna. I truly believe that Caleb would do anything to protect Hanna. He’s stood up to her dad, punched Zach, if he thought Mona was a DANGER to Hanna….I don’t know what he would do. 

Mona’s Twin.

I know that in 5x25 we saw that Charles was apparently the twin of Jason, however I am stuck between believing and not believing.

I feel that if Charles is the twin, it solves a lot of questions we have had and that means, no more mystery. I feel like PLL is trying to make it look like Charles is a twin, but with no actual conformation of that, we can’t know if he is or not. If you read certain theories, they tell us that one ‘brother’ looked taller than the other. (A reference to ‘Irish Twins’)

We were told there would be twins, but we weren’t told how many twins there could be or the gender.

Is it possible that Mona’s twin killed the real Mona? There was something so off about Blonde Mona that made me wonder. Then I thought back. The person who killed Mona had blonde hair, much like CeCe’s in length and color. In 5x25 we see Blonde Mona, sporting luscious locks that look much the same length and color of CeCe’s/Ali’s. We also saw Mona’s dead body so I don’t understand how she could have been alive in that scene.

I think Mona was planning her death, but Blonde Mona killed her.


In 3x03

Hanna visits Mona at Radley, Mona’s meds have been changed so now she’s talking more.

Hanna asks if she’s had visitors, Mona replies,

My Parents (plural) Mostly they just sit and look at me like they don’t quite know who I am, awkward!

So the biggest question is Where in the hell is Mona’s dad?

He wasn’t at the funeral or at Mona’s house anytime we’ve seen it, 

So maybe the question is WHO is Mona’s dad?