Monday Munchies! Birthday Cake Truffles!

If you’ve been to momufuku milk bar in NYC and ate anything from there, you probably loved it and told everyone about it. when i came across a no-bake recipe for what resembled milk bar’s birthday cake truffles i jumped on it…these were the results. 

this was the recipe i used for the inside, birthday cake part of the dessert. 

for the outside, chocolate part, (because i couldn’t find candy melts anywhere on myrtle avenue that day) i melted milk chocolate chips in the microwave [stirring every 30 seconds] and at the end swirled in a heaping teaspoon of speculoos. the oils from the speculoos thinned out the chocolate making it much easier to dip the (chilled) cake batter balls in. plus speculoos ROOLZ!

i could have used more sprinkles or a funfetti cake mix for a more fun look but i served them to multiple people and everyone loved them. what a yummy, easy treat!

enjoy! xoxo, julie!