it’s truly amazing how wearing boy clothes does not make you grow a penis and says nothing about yourself besides the fact that you like comfortable opaque clothes look how far science has come 

I mentioned to my mom once that I could really go for a burger and M&Ms and she said “then go get some” and I told her I’m trying to save money up for a new car and 5 minutes later she hands me money and says “go get a burger and M&Ms”

poshykitty asked:

What would I get you for Christmas? What else but another old space hag! Note: you are not getting another old space hag for Christmas.

but mommmmmmmmm

Me: Ey Mother. Mum. Mom. Mama. Madre. Female parent. Birth Giver. MOMMMMMMMMM!

Mom: What?

Me: This looks cool no~

Mom: Yeah.

Me: And it’s reversible.

Mom: Yeah, so.

Me: And it’s a Union Jack.

Mom: You want it for Christmas don’t you?

Me: Yeah.