momijizukamori replied to your post “Do you know any sort of flesh texture fabrics I can use for a skirt….”

I’ve seen someone use a cheap plastic base mask from Michaels and coat it in liquid latex and peel that off repeatedly, then glue and paint it together for a cloak of ‘faces’

That sounds horrific! Do you have a link or the person’s name? I’d love to see how it turned out. (I love creepy costumes! <3)

momijizukamori replied to your post “*attempts to make up for lack of photography skill with dark photoshop…”

you do have many dark photoshop majyyks, it’s true (I just have a DSLR and Adobe Lightroom, though I’m pretty sure LR runs on tortured souls like every Adobe product)

Lightroom does seem pretty nifty. If I ever plan to make another sacrifice to the Dark Adobe Overloards I might consider giving it a whirl.

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Not actually a tutorial question, but you seem to know resources well! Are there any 'find a cosplay group/more people for your cosplay group' tumblrs? If not I'm totally making one, but I'm bad at finding existing things on tumblr.

No worries, I’ll attempt to answer anything cosplay related. It doesn’t have to be about tutorials and I’m always excited when something different is in my inbox ;) 

As far as I know there aren’t any tumblrs that are specifically for that purpose!

There is the cosplay photographer networking tumblr, which seeks to connect cosplayers with photographers. You can find that here:

And there is a website for meeting and planning with other cosplayers, here:

Hope this helps you out! 

Drawing an old favorite anime character in my current style just for kicks and I feel like it’s REALLY self indulgent since he turned out on the pretty side.


Then I remember that in the previews for the movie they literally started his pan up from the ass and went up from there, so it’s good to remind myself I did not start this particular fan service fire.

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no but I can narrow it down to four because lbr 00 is Gundam pilot fanservice all the time. I mean, sparkly space nudity here okay.

The funny thing about it is that the sparkly space nudity didn’t really feel like fan service because it was too UNINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS every time it happened. Or maybe that’s just me.

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Making friends is actually my super power. It’s weird how I make that happen. I also make friends with security guards and amazing things happen. Pugs are the best cuddlers and even though they smell and are noisy just ugh so cute

that is a really good superpower! like, probably more practically useful than heat vision and more fulfilling than flight and probably less of a guilt trip than telepathy. 

i feel like there’s a story there with the security guard.

and it is my greatest wish to adopt a pug, someday! when i don’t live with my parents who choose to only appreciate animals from afar.

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All-New X-Factor is off to a good start, and the new X-Force book looks potentially great but isn’t out yet, for ‘current titles’

i’m liking x-factor so far but it has yet to… wow me? i’m hoping it picks up soon, maybe once the team fills out. but yes i am liking it so far!

and si spurrier is doing the new x-force, right? i generally like him but i’m waiting for a real reason to pick up the new volume.

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Here's photos of the first part of PMK v7! mediafire(.)com/download/dgeanv10s5b7u2m/ - It's kind of big because I didn't want to shrink anything for clarity. Let me know if there are pages that aren't clear enough!

Ahhh thank you so so much! I’m actually screaming right now ah thanks so so much! These are perfect! I’ll get started on translating and fixing what I managed with the Chinese scans!


I don’t need the rest of Vol. 7 unless there’s extra pages mixed in or some form of bonus at the end (We’ve been lucky enough to get all the chapters except for the 1st and the omakes in HQ Japanese scans from the official site).