cap is a notable autobot hero from early on in the war whos been presumed dead for thousands of years 

wanda, clint and pietro are all recently defected ex decepticons. cap only barely comprehends what is going on in the war at this point and is trying very hard to catch up, but he is in charge of them. they crash land on earth, probably. everything in the entire world is terrible

just realised clint spends his entire time sulking about how he should be the leader instead of cap, who he blatantly fancies


as an ex decepticon, for a while he makes a few awkward attempts to kill cap/claim that he is the leader because cap tripped on something, because that’s just how they do it where he comes from

"well it’s not how we do it here, son" cap tells him in subdued confusion and distress

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Is the man fridge just like… bucky needed to stay dead? bc I thought he was brought back to Make A Point about Vietnam/ Cold War stuff, but I’m just going by mcu and tumblr points so I really have no idea what bucky’s character arc should have been

yes. he had been dead for so long. he was so much better dead 

this opinion basically applies to the comics exclusively though. i dont have much against what they did in the films really? like, as far as film bucky goes, i was prepared to be less annoyed by the winter soldier than i was when they did that in the comics, i was prepared to enjoy it even – and i was less annoyed, but, i also really aggressively dont care about him at all. i dont care if he is dead. i dont care if he is alive. i dont care about film bucky