I’m getting a lot of Qs regarding my laptop background/extension. So here are some facts regarding it. 

- It’s called “Momentum”. 

- It’s available as a Google Chrome Extension. 

- It’s available as a Safari Extension.

- It let’s you set a main “Daily Task” or thing to focus on each day.

- It has an expandable “To Do List” on the bottom right corner.

- It has the weather for your location in the top right corner.

- There is a new daily motivational quote bottom centre.

- There is a new image each day, all very natural and gorgeous looking.

- It opens up every time you open your browser and then when you open a new tab. 

- It acts to remind you every time you go on the internet of what it is today you need/want to achieve; a guilt trip essentially.

- It’s 10/10.

- And it’s FREE! 

- For more information, go here.

So this is Momentum!

Basically it is a Chrome Extension that replaces your New Tab screen with a pretty picture, the time and weather, and the ever so useful to-do list. The background changes daily and it makes staying on task fun. Every time you go to check your to-do list you get a nice picture and an inspiring quote.

If you’d like to try it out, you can install it here

20.02.2015 // 5:29pm

I figured out that “momentum” really works for me. I keep track of what I’ve already done with the little To-Do-List and also reduce distractions by putting it on full screen. Furthermore drawing little mind maps benefits my ability to memorize a lot of facts that belong to one certain (and small) topic. Using these to improve my note taking for German history.