Hi everyone! This is the second chapter of Mind over Matter. I really hope you enjoy it.


Chapter II- I don’t know what’s going on- where am I?

Matter transportation had never been like this before. It had always been calm- in my opinion, too calm. It wasn’t how getting rid of your body for an instant was supposed to feel. It should have been something- pain, or an exhilarating rush of freedom, but without a body, of course you couldn’t feel anything. This? It actually hurt. Like my body was being ripped apart, and at the end, an unsteady hand shoved the pieces together, not even trying to have it make sense. It was what I thought it should have felt like when I was younger, the thing parents always try and convince their crying children what it’s not going to be like. It felt right. 

The soreness after it was almost worse. Cheek smashed against the floor, I felt the aftermath not only of the transportation but of the crash- something that I had never experienced before. It was odd- the chamber above was supposed to be an exact copy of the one below, transported to the exact molecule. I know I hadn’t fallen over before- unless Elian pushed me over or something for some inane reason.

“The transportation has completed. Please exit the chamber as soon as possible, so transportation can complete at the next Skybus site. Thank you for flying Skybus.” came the unwelcome female voice I’d heard hundreds of before. If my brother was here, we’d be mouthing the words to each other right now. I wanted to stay here, stay until my head didn’t hurt and my body didn’t ache. But then I remembered Elian. If I got out soon, maybe I could avoid him until he didn’t get the job. Maybe I’d let him cry all over me, because soon after that he’d be gone. Opening my eyes, the chamber looked so empty. The doors had slid open, and the loading dock was awaiting me. I got to my feet quickly. He was already gone? Wonderful. Lips curving instinctively into a smile, I exited the chamber, and went into the hustle of the loading dock.

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by CNMAYE/TallonRook/TallonWriter

Part 1


Chapter 1- Meeting

The bus was slightly late. But that was alright, I was late, too. I was trying to get my carton of noodles and thing of pop into the bag they’d given me after the first one was ripped, but eventually I gave up and clutched it close to my chest. It was drippy and I had to carry the chopsticks in their paper enclosure in my mouth, but I finally got there, gasping, panting for breath.  

I barely made it on the bus, hopping on just as it started moving again. But it was mostly empty, though- only one seat was taken. I sat near the other person, and opened my carton of food. He stared at me, and I snapped my chopsticks apart with a crunch and began eating my chicken lo mein. It was silent for a bit, but then I remembered my manners! “Do you want some?” I asked, noodles sticking out of my mouth. He shook his head, and I slurped them up, secretly glad he wasn’t going to be stealing my food. “Oh, okay! What’s your name? I’m Elian!”

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