I don’t think you know how
Fragile you are darling.
But your wrists are yelling for
Someone to save you.
And your mom keeps asking me
Why your smile isn’t like the sun anymore.

She’s worried about the way your eyes are screaming in pain,
And all the last words on your walls.
I tell her that I’m trying my hardest to keep your skin from falling apart,
And your soul from breaking.

But darling,
No matter how hard I try for you,
You need to try too.

—  Fragile Bones, Make Fighting Hard

My baby girl,
I love watching you grow up. Every word you learn, every time you smile, every time you smile. Don’t grow up too fast, enjoy being a kid. When you are old enough to date, i hope that you will end up with someone (boy or girl) that treats you right, so amazing. Your daddy and I will make sure of that. We love you so much, and only want the best for you. You only deserve the best baby girl.