Aww. How’s this for a great gift idea for Mom?
1 Line a box,
2 fill with bed of roses,
3 present a “bouquet in a bottle”.

This gorgeous gift box and the elegant twin bottles of J'Adore from the super-sweet folks at #Dior are going to 2 beautiful sisters - my mom and aunt.

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     In honor of Mother’s Day coming up I thought I would post this. A few weeks ago I went to storage to clean some things.  I decided while I was there I would also throw away my old cassettes and VHS tapes. So I was going through them and was like “Ya know, I’m just gonna keep the blank ones and check em out before I throw them away”. I thought I would look for some things including some audio tapes of when I went to a psychic when I was young. When I got home I was looking specifically for the psychic ones which I thought I had set aside but somehow found themselves back in the pile with there rest of the blank tapes.

    Finally I found a cassette that said "Psychic Maria 94” on one side and “For Chantal” written faintly on the other side and I was like “Shit, I don’t remember this session, what the hell is it?”. So I put it in and all of a sudden it’s my mom telling me things I thought I would never hear her say again, like how much she loves me, and the story of when I was born that she would tell me every year on my birthday (like in City Slickers!).  She goes around to all our pets (who all died soon after her) and so you get to hear my two dogs and my cat (Bijou, Chloe & Man Ray).  The sounds of NYC. And what a wonderful loving mother sounds like. The point of this is, is well, I guess just love your parents while you got them. We are all gonna die, so be nice to the people that love you.

     Some back story, she had cancer and a mastectomy right before this so she was very sentimental at the time thinking she wouldn’t be around for much longer, she ended up living for 10 more years and passed away in 2004.  As you can hear she was one of the kindest, strongest women in the world, Very lucky to have found this and very lucky to have had her and as she says “carry her around with me forever”.

Happy Mother’s Day

Oh it also includes a bit of of my 6th grade graduating class of P.S.6. singing “It’s So Hard To Say GoodBye To Yesterday”