Our MolyJam game Race In Peace is finished! Done in only 48 hours. The theme of the game jam was real life Peter Molyneux quotes. I worked on all the art for it, and my friend did the programming. Check out the games page here and download and play it. There’s browser versions and exe files for all operating systems. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I think the downloadable versions of the games are down through the host right now. The web version should still work if you install the Unity web player. 


I just wanted to show something off that my coworkers are working as a side project to our usual games. 

Last weekend there was this thing called “MolyJam” where groups of people attempted to make games based on the tweets of legendary game designer and weirdo Peter Molyneux in a ~48 hour period. The studio I work at decided to “sponsor” a group of my coworkers to participate.

The game they came up with is “Loyal,” where you play a dog who got adopted by a little girl named Molly, and your motive is to try to make her life as happy as possible. It’s kind of a point and click choose your own adventure game with multiple endings.  

I wish I had signed up to help, because it looks beautiful. It’s not quite finished yet, but they are working on it, and I am excited to play it.

And yes. There is a pooping mechanic. Because you are a dog. But there is a real emotional core to the game so there you go. 

Feel free to like the facebook page!  

“Imagine if your player avatar feared you? became anxious if you press the buttons too hard and fast etc?” - Peter Molydeux

This is a silly little game I made in about 8 hours with Emmett this weekend based on the above Peter Molydeux tweet. It’s ridiculously unfair and I didn’t really have much time to actually spend on the design of the level (and never have made one before), so this is kind of just the first thing that I drew. We used flixel, flan, and photoshop to make the game.

We’re hoping to take some time to polish it up soon, but for now you can see the results of our few frantic hours by clicking here, and then clicking download game. There’s no real download, it’ll just redirect you.

Thanks for trying it out!

Time Travel Knight (Browser, PC) de Edwood Grant. La Molyjam 2013 ayant eu lieu, on va commencer notre petit tour des jeux réalisés en commençant par Time Travel Knight ! Un jeu où vous allez incarner un chevalier qui va devoir sauver la terre en remontant le temps… Rien que ça… Un vrai jeu d'aventure qui vous demandera sans doute d'apprendre un peu de vos erreurs pour le terminer !

Disponible par là !

Et pour le gagnant d'Hexodius le gagnant (ou la gagnante) est…Cécile Palmieri


The end product of my team’s efforts for MolyJam 2013 turned out really well I think. Because the school is closed on Sunday, we won’t be polishing this up today, but as far as I’m concerned, for a game made in roughly 30 hours we did pretty well?? Oh gosh.

Big thanks to my team! I think Katie’s the only one with a tumblr.

Wanna play???

Click folder options in the top right and download the whole folder, open it and run the exe!
[sorry about this i’m just not sure how to share a unity3d game easily]

Also please just let me say that we love puppies with all of our hearts and do not in any way endorse removing puppies from your house with a bearded leg in a house slipper, no matter how much that puppy says it will still love you. Okay. Good. Have fun. 

Working on MolyJam at the moment in the offices in work, I elected to stay behind so I can tweak the engine for the game so that it actually works properly for the first level ;)

I’m hoping nobody else has chosen the inspiration quote that we have used, as I think our game is going to be somewhat unique, and pretty damned dark in tone too.

I am also insisting on there being a part where a blue sky is visible, as you hardly see blue skies in video games these days.

#MolyJam2013 Livestream . Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

So, I posted earlier about my best bros game he’s making for the MolyJam2013 48 hour game development competition, and I’ve been watching him (and chatting with him) as he builds it.

Turns out, this sly bastard is making a video game to raise awareness about unequal pay of genders. You play a female worker who needs to pick up coins (that only give you 0.84 of a point) all the while trying to dodge a male coworker.

The kicker? When he catches you and you lose, it displays how much you, a female employee would have made, compared to what a man would make.

The game is looking good, and it would be REALLY awesome if you all would check it out, make a free account, and give him encouragement.

He hasn’t said ANYTHING about the game as far as I know, and I had to guess the meaning while he was making it.

So wish him luck! He’s doing this for enjoyment!

Another MolyJam entry, MechaMom is based on this tweet:

You play as a single mother who accidentally gets trapped inside a mech that she has been building. She must now bring up her child as a mech

The premise is simple. You have 60 seconds to hug your daughter, but the controls for moving the mech arms are randomly assigned to an expansive dashboard of buttons, mixed with buttons that do mech stuff, like launching missiles. The nice feature of MechaMom is that in addition to being funny, it somehow also turned into a somewhat obvious metaphor about the general difficulty of executing one’s intentions, and how misunderstandings cause things to go awry. 


Molyjam, a game jam built around @PeterMolydeux’s tremendous game design tweets, was held last weekend, turning out quite a selection of imaginative and original independently developed games made over 48 hours. I haven’t had a chance to check them all out, but Unbearable, Or: How They Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bear  (based on this tweet) is too funny. It sas a great Tom Goes to the Mayor feel about it (which you all know I love), and I can’t help but let out a laff or two when my buddy Greg Rice get’s bear-hugged-to-death.

Well done team Unbearable!


Molyjam2012: 5 Reasons Why It Mattered

I don’t think I understood what I was signing up for.

When programmer Anna Kipnis idly wondered whether there had ever been a game jam based on the tweets of parody twitter account @petermolydeux the explosion of interest convinced her and games journalist Patrick Klepek to make it happen. And then, rather excited by the energy of it all, I said I’d organize a parallel jam in New York City.

I had temporarily forgotten that for late March and early April I was already on the hook for, among other things, organizing an evening of lectures, looking for a new apartment, and working on a long-term personal project. Oh, and working a full-time game industry job. I think it’s safe to say that if I had taken any time to think about it, I wouldn’t have volunteered.

But I’m oh so glad my impulsiveness got the better of me this time.

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