working on a stacey molski logo for a website that will eventually hold a portfolio, blog, and more. here’s what i’ve got so far. the full logo and the logotype.
the logo is a twofer since it may also assist in the pronunciation. we don’t want any more Mo-less-ski. i think we can all agree that is the worst possible mispronunciation of my name anyone could muster and yet, it’s the go-to mistake.

“The opinion polls are close, the debate is exhausting and the mood is anxious,” Steven Erlanger wrote of the upcoming Scottish vote for independence for New York Times on September 12, 2014. It appears the Scots are split straight down the middle.

In early 2012, Pulitzer Center grantee Tim Judah looked for signs of separation anxiety, visiting government officials, local whisky makers, and museum curators.

Then in 2013, student fellow Henry Molski of High Point University examined the cultural, political, and economic implications of Scotland’s secession vote.

"There is no question that Scotland has the heart to beat on its own," Henry wrote. "But can it survive without a British soul?"

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An old-timey supergroup? Who knew? What you maybe didn’t know is that old-time can be tight (in the 50s jazz sense, I mean) as well as being toe-tapping, buck-dancing, good fun.

From the 2013 Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, these are The Jumpsteady Boys with “Fortune”. Who are they exactly? From left to right: Rafe Stefanini, Bruce Molsky, Mike Compton, and Joe Newberry.

It’s not as soulful for me to try and play just like Tommy Jarrell, ’cause I’m not him. But it is soulful for me to be able to capture whatever I can of the essence of what was beautiful about his playing and express it in my own voice. If I can do that, man, I’ve succeeded.

-Bruce Molsky

from a great interview in the Brooklyn Rail

Bruce will be back at the Freight Dec. 3 along with Arvo & Antti Järvelä