When Supernatural fans taught Mark Pellegrino the meaning of “Destiel”, “Shipping”, and “Wincest”

The best part of the Mark Pellegrino Q&A was when a fan— dressed as Castiel — tossed a fake molotov cocktail at Mark and yells “Hey assbutt!”. Poor Mark thought it must have been a Jacob thing from Lost (he admitted that he never watched either “Lost” or “Supernatural”). And later, the audience taught him what is “shipping”, “Destiel”, and “Wincest”.

When people explained Destiel (i.e. shipping Dean and Castiel), he asked where the heck people got that idea from and the girl at the mic said because they always have these intense moments (as if you have to be lovers to share intense moments) and because they gaze at each other for uncomfortable periods of time. He responded “That’s because we’re waiting for the camera to move and thinking "Please move the camera. Please finish this shot already. I’m done looking at this person" 

To those of you who would think “Shame on him for not knowing the assbutt reference: Remember that season 5 was a long time ago. Also keep in mind, he openly admitted that he does not watch the shows that he acts in. And when a show is in production, they don’t film an episode straight through; they shoot different scenes, many times out of order. The shots are then later put together to form a coherent story ;-)