Film still from Black Swan.

I’ve been looking at film stills for research and inspiration for my images. I found this one from Black Swan and I noticed how the bathroom that it’s shot in is quite plain and looks quite similar to the bathroom we have in our student house. I decided to use this film still to inspire a shot for my project. 

The angle is different with my image in comparison with the film still, however I hope it can be seen how I’ve used it to help create this image of my own. 


I came across this film still from the movie, Adventureland when I was searching through a film still website and found it really quite interesting. It works well with my life because I don’t smoke myself but my housemates do so I end up standing with them when they’re smoking. 

So this evening, I set up this shot when my housemate Becca went out the front for a cigarette. I set up a studio light in the window of our house so that it would light up my face when we were outside. 

I really quite like how this image has turn out and I am feeling a lot more confident about the project now.

New uni project:

I have recently started a new project for our 20:20 presentation of a portfolio of current work. I did a home project (which I will add here sometime) before this, which was about the loss of my childhood home because it was knocked down. This new project is moving away from that and is about how moving away from home to university and being forced to grow up and learn who you are. 

For these images, I have put myself in ordinary situations of how I’m living now and placed a mask over my face to represent myself not knowing who I am yet and hiding my identity. 

I have painted the mask skin coloured to encourage the viewer to have a second glance.

After feeling so shit last night and waking up feeling equally shit, we all went to the beach and I walked around in the water taking photos and chilled out. All I needed was Ben Howard in my ears and it would have been perfect. But it was good enough. Bliss in fact. 

Took this photo.