mollyisonfire replied to your post: I just noticed your from WI as well. Represent :-P I love your blog, btw (:
i used to live in janesville, too! but i grew up in fort atkinson. also spend a year and a half in evansville

Molly!! You prolly can’t tell it’s me but it’s jazzy fricka fresh! Hahaha dude I remember seeing you with mallory Like waaaaay back like WAAAAAAAY back :’)

mollyisonfire-deactivated201208 said:

87, 99, 50, 46. :)

87. Ever won a contest?

- I don’t think so :c LOL I suck at competition’s. xD

99. Do you miss anyone right now?

- Of course I miss my boyfriend. I also miss my best friend Synthia :c She’s been absorbed by her relationship. Bahhh.

50.  Ever used a gun?

- I have ! Just once though. I really wanna go to a shooting range soon and take my boyfriend :3

46. Are you afraid of heights?

- OMG yes. Fuck heights. I don’t like being high up in the air. I don’t even ride roller coaster’s anymore ; ___ ;