I know I should not post this but since yesterday I spend close 4 hours between #HealthNet and #CoveredCA #CoveredCalifornia to get new insurance because the State #Medical people work so slow and they inactive my Health Net Medical Coverage. So I pay a premium to Health Net and found my doctor is not part of CoveredCA. I can not believe that we were miss leaded that we can keep our #Doctor when we change insurance plans. Anyway I went ahead and changed to #MolinaHealthCare. I pay the premium. So I get a call from #Molina yesterday around 5 pm. Anyway I returned call today and was getting the run around again. I am still irritated from yesterday. Molina people transfer me to Health Net. I log in to my account and saw my individual insurance is active however they selected a medical group that is not affiliated with my old doctor. I told representative what I needed and she can not change my doctor. Instead she say pay the regular premium. I told her I will file a dispute with my bank to get my money back. I call Covered CA spoke with a woman who refuse to cancel Health Net and Molina. She say my account is locked by the State of CA and she can not delete my account or those insurance companies. I do not know what to do. So #F.. #CoveredCA and #HealthNet get lost.