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Staggered Molger Shelves


Published on July 31st, 2014 | by ChrisJScott

We required some storage for our bathroom and liked the spa-like appear of Ikea’s Molger shelves. Even so, we felt that have 3 side-by-side (which was the plan) looked fairly uninteresting so we made the decision to stagger their height with some clever saw perform. A number of ideas:

The safest way to do this is to lay the shelves on the floor, side-by side. Align them in the staggered way you want (with the top of the second-most shelf lined up with the second shelf of the tallest one and so on) and then pencil mark the legs of every “shorter” unit so that they line up with the bottom of the tallest shelf.

  • Use a miter box when cutting the legs in order to maintain your cuts “square.”
  • When drilling the holes in the bottom of the “hacked” shelves, be sure to make the hole slightly smaller that the plastic, ribbed foot you will be inserting so that it fits snugly.

Producing a mess:

Drilling holes for the feet:

Inserting the feet:

Testing the 1st, finished shelf (Lucy the chocolate lab is our QA inspector):

The last merchandise:

DIY-ish Floating Credenza

I’m with you, Jules!

Here’s a substantial 5

No, I do not want to miss out on any hack. Inform me when the move happens. Right here are my particulars:

Watch on

Tuesday, 9/20/11

Once I got home I started putting together my Ikea bench (Molger in light brown) with the tiny little allen wrench it comes with. Thankfully the man got home shortly after so he could finish the wrenching because my fingers were getting tired! Once he put it together we set it outside and let the cats model our new entrance. I definitely want to make a few more changes in the front to make it look a bit more welcoming and when I eventually do I’ll post pics.

Bathroom shelf


This cant be qualified as an IKEA-hack, however, this resembles an IKEA product and it is made out of another. 

Basically I was in need of a storage shelf underneath my bathroom sink since the available area in between pipes and similar bathroom-stuff was sort of a nook. 

IKEA has a great bathroom styled shelf named MOLGER (which my mom have) and this product have been the modell for this build. 


The problem with MOLGER for this specific application is the size, it measures 370x370 which is way to big. 

I wanted to use another IKEA product (that now seams expired) as material to my build. This was a countertop of laminated oak. This also turned into a test project to try out my new circular saw and my Kreg K4 jig. (So happy!)


This is my final sketch with measurements. The two shelves have the same depth but different widths and heights. 


This is a visualization to figure out if the countertop wood would be enough for all shelf parts. And then I started ripping;




And then there was a lot of clamping to make the pocket hole screws work.




Here we have a close up on the pocket holes.



I used an adhesive..


..that worked pretty good if you let it fix for 10 hours or so. Not 10 seconds as the description stated.


This is the final result! It’s a tad crooked, but overall I am pleased!