haohaohyuk: Super Show 5 world tour has finally ended~ It was even better to have performed last performance with Beijing fans! Thank you so much to fans who have waited and been with us for a long time.. Sorry for being unable to say goodbye well ㅜㅜ There were many disappointing parts, but if you guys enjoyed, and were happy through Super Show, and when you have aged, can remember it as a happy memory, then it’s enough for me! What I felt while doing the tour this time is that we and you guys have feelings more than (those between) a singer-fans, and so I was happy ^^ Thank you so so much, and I love you~ Please anticipate for SJM’s new album that will be released soon! This year will become the year of Super Junior, so please be with us with a happy heart!!! Beijing, China fans, always thank you and sorry~ (c)